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Prince 03 Speedport Squash Technology

Contact: Jeff Warren
Phone: 877-370-4661


Prince Speedport

Racquet speed is a critical part of playing better squash. It determines how fast the ball travels and how much spin is placed on the ball. It allows players to hit a wider selection of shots with more precision. Until now, superior racquet speed has been achievable by only the best players in the world.

“Prince has a long history of innovation in the racquet industry and the o3 Speedport technology is an exciting break through in squash racquet design and we are proud to now to be offering Prince’s products” stated Jeff Warren, Owner of Control the ‘T’ Sports.

Now, all players can experience the benefits of Extra Racquet Speed. O3 Speedport racquets are up to 24% faster through the air than traditional frames, increasing racquet head speed throughout the entire swing pattern. The benefit? Faster, consistent strokes for more power, spin and precision.

SPEED – Wind tunnel testing proves O3 Speedport racquets move through the air up to 24% faster than traditional racquets. So you can hit your best shots. More often. Even faster.

SWEET SPOT – Laboratory testing proves that Speedports strengthen and stabilize the frame for up to a 59% bigger sweet spot, creating a sweetzone.

GREATER STABILITY – O3 engineered racquets are created through a one step fusion process that utilizes the strongest structure known to man, the Arch, creating the frame’s O-Ports. These O-Ports stabilize the racquet giving you more control on off-center shots.

Control the ‘T’ Sports is a leading online retailer of squash equipment, squash apparel and squash gear.


For more information contact Jeff Warren by email at or by calling 1.877.370.4661


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Nick Matthew – New #1 squash player

Congratulations to Nick on achieving the #1 spot in the world.  This last year of squash from Nick has been very impressive.  He has steadily moved up the rankings from the middle to bottom of the top 10 to being the top player in the world.  Since coming back from injury he has seemed more focused.  He has always played at a really hard pace but he has really become more clinical in finishing since his return.

What is also impressive is that he has reached #1 just before turning 30.  Ramy reaching #1 was almost expected.  He is young and so full of natural talent. It has been believed by many for the last couple of years that Ramy reaching #1 was just a matter of time.  I am not sure too many people would have picked Nick a couple of years ago to reach the top spot in the game.  It is great to see such a good work ethic and focus on a goal be rewarded.

Nick’s rise to the top of the squash world is something we should all take note of – hard work and focus pays off.

Control the ‘T’ Sports


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Squash – Proper Training

There is a very different vision of practicing at different squash clubs. At many clubs “practice” is always match play.  I believe practice should consist of both drills and some match play.

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Squash – Being mentally prepared

Squash is a physical game as we all know. Being physically fit and prepared is imperative to success. Being mentally prepared is just as important though.

Being mentally prepared means having a clear vision of what you are trying to do on the court. It means controlling your nervous energy and using it positively.

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Squash – Shot Selection

Knowing what shot to play at a certain time is imperative. Most squash players will have heard that the squash court can be divided up in to 3 sections, the front, the middle and the back of the court.

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