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Squash Pro Shop by Control the ‘T’ Sports

The last few weeks have been very busy for me.  I have been in negotiations to take over the Pro Shop at my local squash club and I am happy to say the negotiations have been successful! Starting July 1st the Pro Shop at Elora Racquets will be operated by Control the ‘T’ Sports.

I have been busy working with the owner of the club on getting things organized.  Going over what inventory is currently there and then figuring out what else I need to bring in.  I have been working with both new and existing suppliers to that end.

This is also a great opportunity for my online store as it allows me to partner with new suppliers and add new products to my online store.  That will start happening quite soon so stay tuned for some announcements in the not to distant future!

Lots of work to do but this is an exciting time and I am very excited about the future of Control the ‘T’ Sports!


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Squash – The off season

I have not been playing as much squash as I normally do this summer.  Work is keeping me busy and as mentioned in my last post I have played tennis a few times too.  The last couple of times I have played I have noticed that I am not as match fit as I normally am.  That is okay and to be expected as I have not been playing or really training either.  That has been a bit of a blessing in disguise for me as it turns out!

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Tennis – How it can help your squash game

I grew up playing tennis and did not play squash until later in life.  I had pretty much given up tennis though for the last few years as I really enjoyed squash more.  I have played a tennis though a couple of times in the last few weeks and have really enjoyed it.

I have been playing squash now continuously for several years without any real break.  After one slightly frustrating game of squash I decided to go outside and pickup a tennis racquet.  It was a very nice change of pace.  My expectation was low and just went out to relax and have fun – and I did. Playing a game just to enjoy myself was a nice change of pace.  I always play squash fairly seriously but when I went out to play tennis I was just hitting shots and not worrying about the outcome of a match.  After a bit when I started to find my shots again I was hitting really well.  I found that the more relaxed I was when hitting my shots the better the outcome.

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Paul Assaiante New National Coach for U.S. Squash

This is very big news indeed for squash in the U.S.. The creation of such a position will definitely help U.S. squash by adding proven leadership. Paul Assaiante is a great choice. His record with the Trinity College Bantam’s is incredible.  When ever you have a chance to add someone with a track record as good as Assaiante’s to your team it is a definite win for your organization.

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Squash Footwork Video by Shahier Razik

I found a video that really demonstrates movement to and from the ‘T’ in squash well. Shahier is renowned for his movement on the squash court.  His retrieval skills are amazing and that is very much to do with how well he moves to and from the ball.

A few key points:

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Black Knight – A great squash company

Black Knight is a great squash company.  Not only do they have a great selection of squash racquets they put money back in to the sport.

What I like about Black Knight is where they put their money in to the sport. They sponsor David Palmer one of the hardest working players in history but most of the people that are sponsored are up and coming local players.  Black Knight also is very good at supporting the local club.

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US Pro Squash Tour – No let rule

A couple of months ago squash enthusiasts were debating the US Pro Squash Tour’s 5-Let rule, now there are no Lets!  Can this work?  Perhaps, time will tell but let’s first take a better a look at its intent.

In the last couple of days there has been a great deal of talk about this subject and with good reason.  This is a pretty significant change.  It is a fact that in squash interference will occur.  You have two people in a very confined space trying to move to and from the same place, the ‘T’ to the ball.  Some contact is inevitable. Traditionally when a player believed they were interfered with and thought the interference prevented them from playing an appropriate shot they would stop play and appeal for a Let.  The referee would then have 3 choices, yes Let, no Let, or Stroke.  There is a defined process for this but for the most part it is interrupted as follows:

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Prince NFS II – A Classic Squash Shoe

The Prince NFS II squash shoes has been around for a long time.  When I first started playing squash 5-years ago it was the first pair of indoor court shoes I purchased.  I was a beginner of course and I started playing with my tennis shoes.  I was amazed at the difference a proper pair of squash shoes made.

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