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Squash Player Profile – Shahier Razik

Shahier Razik has been the #1 Squash player in Canada for a number of years now.  With the retirement of Jonathan Power in 2006 Shahier has consistently been the best player in Canada.

I love watching Shahier play.  Why, because he plays a type of game that we can all strive for.  He certainly is extremely talented and can hit amazing shots but what impresses me most about his game is his efficiency on court, his patience and his work ethic.

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Dunlop Aerogel 4D Max – Racket review

There has been a great deal of interest in the Dunlop Aerogel 4D Max squash racket since Ramy Ashour started using it.  Having the #1 player in the world using your racket certainly is great for Dunlop.

I have been trying it out for a few weeks now and have been really enjoying playing with it.  The long mains give this racket lots of power.  The frame weight of 137 grams is relatively light and as the racket is head light it is very maneuverable.  It is terrific for volleying for this reason.

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Squash Season is here!

It is September and that means the squash season is upon us! A new squash season at Control the ‘T’ Sports means new squash gear!  We have all of the newest rackets from Black Knight, Dunlop, Head and Prince.

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Squash – Open Spaces

I have been taking lessons and my coach and I have been discussing an important philosophy.  In squash there are no winners, just open spaces.

If you accept that philosophy what does mean to the game?  Well very simply it means that your opponent can get to your next shot so the best you can do is make him work for it.  Hit to somewhere he is not to do that.  Get him running the diagonal. Take satisfaction from making your opponent really struggle to get your shots.    He will likely get them all in the beginning but typically later in the match he will start to make more errors as you wear him down physically.

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