Month: October 2010

Product Announcement – Hi-Tec S701 Indoor Court Shoes

What do Amr Shabana, James Willstrop and David Palmer have in common?  The Hi-Tec S701 Indoor Court Shoes. We have just received our initial shipment and have sizes 7-12 and 13 in stock. Be one of the first squash players to use these great shoes and pickup a pair. The Hi-Tec S701 Indoor Court Shoes can […]

Squash Racket Review – Black Knight Quicksilver NXS

The Black Knight Quicksilver nXs squash racquet has been an extremely popular racquet now for years. It is one of our best sellers. The current Quicksilver has been around for several years now and was preceded by the Quicksilver CXX which was also very popular. The frame weight of a 130grams is quite light.  It […]

Squash Tactics – Taking your space

Squash is a game played in close quarters. You are constantly jockeying for position with your opponent.  It is important to remember that you have the right to play the ball where you want. There are two reasons that this is beneficial. The first that you get properly set for your shot and the second […]

Squash Racket Review – Dunlop Aerogel 4D Ultimate

The Dunlop Aerogel 4D Ultimate Squash Racquet is one of the top end racquets from Dunlop. It is a great control racquet, has reasonable power due to its oversized head and has that great Dunlop feel. The biggest reason for its great control is its 16 x 19 string pattern. 16 x 19 is a […]

PSA Participation Policy and the PST Response

I was logged in to my Twitter account @controlthet yesterday when I received the following tweet from @usprosquash: “PST Responds to PSA Attack” I followed the link, read the initial statement from the PSA (Professional Squash Association) regarding their new participation policy and the response from the PST (Pro Squash Tour). I opened my email […]

Prince EXO3 Rebel Squash Racquet Review

The Prince EXO3 Rebel Squash racquet is the latest offering from Prince.  The EXO3 models have evolved from the Speedport and before that 03 series of squash racquets. First lets take a look at the write-up from Prince: “The Next Generation Of Racquet Design, only From Prince – EXO3 does what no other racquet can; […]

October’s Featured Squash Gear

October is here and we have a great selection of squash gear at Control the ‘T’ Sports. Below are the products that we have decided to feature this month.  To check out our full selection please visit our online store at