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Squash Racquet Review – Harrow Jonathon Power Custom Vibe

Harrow Jonathan Power Custom Vibe Squash RacquetHarrow Jonathon Power Custom Vibe Squash Racquet

The Vibe is a collaboration between Harrow Sports and Jonathon Power.  It is a very light weight frame with a soft feel.  Its weight is measured at 140g and that is strung.  Most manufacturers measure the weight of their racquets before the string is put on but Harrow advertises the full weight of the racquet including the string.  It comes with Ashaway’s Supernick XL string which is a good fit for this racquet.


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Harrow Sports Gear now available at Control the ‘T’ Sports

Contact: Jeff Warren
Phone: 877-370-4661


Harrow Squash Banner

Control the ‘T’ Sports is very proud to now be carrying Harrow Sports terrific line of squash gear.  With their recent signing of Jonathon Power, their partnership with Squash Canada and their involvement with the National Squash Academy in Canada Harrow Sports has great momentum in the squash market.

Our mission at Control the ‘T’ Sports is to offer the best products and service to our customers.  Offering Harrow Sports line of squash gear is definitely consistent with this mission.

To see our current lineup of Harrow Sports squash gear please visit us on the web or visit our Pro Shop at the Elora Racquets club.


For more information please contact Jeff Warren by email at or by calling 1.877.370.4661.

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Squash Racquet Review – Tecnifibre Carboflex 140

Tecnifibre Carboflex 140 Basaltex Squash RacquetTecnifibre Carboflex 140

The specifications:
Technology: Graphite + Basaltex
Bare Frame Weight: 140g +/- 5 g
Balance: 355mm +/- 5 g
Frame Size: 500cm2
Beam Width: 25mm
String Pattern: 14 x 18
String: X-One Biphase 1.18 for ultimate string response.
Grip: Matching Tec Dry Squash Grip for ultimate control

This is the racquet of Thierry Lincou. The current model has two main new features that its predecessors did not. It features Isopmorph shaft technology and Basaltex trasmitters. Both features really help provide great control and reduce vibration.

This racquet is listed under the control series when looking at Tecnifibre’s website which makes sense based off of my experience with it. It has reasonable power due to its long main strings and 140gram weight but where it really shines is in its control. Coming with such great strings as it does, the X-ONE Biphase18 guage string definitely helps in this department.

Swinging this racquet just feels right and definitely gives you a sense of confidence in the racquet. The same can be said of when you hit the ball with it. It inspires confidence. It is also very reasonably priced for a top end racquet. It is definitely worth checking out.

We have it available here and on sale.

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