Month: June 2011

Squash – Patience on the ‘T’

One of the most difficult situations you can find yourself in when playing squash is recovering from a weak shot.  If you have hit a loose shot to the front, whether forced or unforced you are in a very compromising position.  You have given your opponent a lot of options and you have to be […]

Biomimetic, Aeroskin, HM6 Carbon and Gecko-Tac Grip – Dunlop’s new technology for squash racquets

Dunlop’s new racquets for the 2011/2012 squash season are almost here.  We expect to have them in our ProShop and online store in July.  With their arrival coming so soon it is time to start looking at the new technologies that Dunlop have added to their line of racquets for this year.  The new series […]

Squash Racquet Review – Black Knight Magnum Corona6 Squash Racquet

  The Black Knight Magnum Corona6 Squash has just been released and it is an excellent edition to Black Knight’s lineup of squash racquets.   Anyone that has played with the original Magnum Corona will feel right at home with this racquet.  The head size, weight, and balance are the same.  The big difference is […]