Month: September 2011

Dunlop Biomimetic Evolution 130 Squash Racquet – The racquet of Nick Matthew

Nick Matthew, along with Ramy Ashour are the two best players squash players in the world.  Both use Dunlop squash rackets.  This post focuses on the Dunlop Biomimetic Evolution 130 Squash Racket which Nick Matthew uses. This racquet is an updated model of the Dunlop Aerogel 4D Evolution 120 that Nick played with last year. […]

Ramy Ashour – Is he using the Dunlop Biomimetic Max?

The marketing information from Dunlop definitely features Ramy Ashour with the Dunlop Biomimetic Max.  Having watched him play at the Australian Open, and not British Grand Prix the racquet he looks to be using is the one that he was using last season, that is based off the paint and the discussion of the commentators. […]