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Early Season Training

Now into the tenth month of the year, squash season is once again upon us. Leagues are starting up again and ever-present weekend tournaments have begun to dot the calendar. In this post, I thought it would be relevant to discuss some training methods commonly used by pros but often avoided by club players (due to boredom, time constraints, or difficulty). I will cover some on court methods as well as some ideas for off court training to improve your physical side.

Many keen club players know that drills are just as important as match play with regards to maintaining and improving your level. However, many players immerse themselves in mindless one shot drills where there are no decisions or critical thinking required. The foremost example of this would be the dreaded boast-drive pattern. While it may be an alright exercise to warm up for a few minutes, it is full of unrealistic situations. Nearly everything that happens in boast drive will never happen in a game. Other examples of these drills are drop-drive and straight length hitting. They are good for working on your swing and targets, but won’t improve tactical savvy. Instead, try some condition games. Even with another player of the same level, limit yourself to only hitting length, only hitting straight, or only hitting above the service line. Play a game to 11, then switch roles with your partner and take the aggregate score. These games force you out of your comfort zone, put you under immense pressure, and require total concentration. Jonathon Power was known to play straight-only against other top players of the time…and win! In short, do drills that require fast thinking and keep away from “going through the motions”. Re-create game situations and put yourself in unfamiliar positions.

As for fitness, there are many methods and exercises that can get you “squash fit”. Lately, I have become a fan of the classic 400m run. Find any regulation track. Run a full lap. Rest. Repeat. The 400 is regarded as the ultimate squash workout; not quite a sprint, not quite long distance. After just one lap, your legs and lungs will be in some pain. I believe the average person would take somewhere between 110-130 seconds for one lap. Rest time should generally be equal to run time. Our training group has been doing 10-12 sets in about 80 seconds with 70 seconds rest. It is an extremely difficult workout but remarkably practical for squash. You will feel substantially fitter after three sessions, and be able to hang in longer with better players. Get out to your local track and give it a try before winter comes!

Another concept recently brought to my attention is playing other sports to benefit your squash. It has been proven that playing multiple sports as a child makes you more athletically skilled as an adult, and I believe the different skills and muscle groups used in other sports like badminton or basketball can only improve your game on the old 32×21 foot box.

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Review of the Hi-Tec V-Lite Infinity Flare Squash Shoes

Hi-Tec V-Lite Infinity Flare Squash Shoes as used by Nick Matthew

The new shoes of Nick Matthew are in stock as we announced earlier.  There has been a great deal of interest in them and one my customers was nice enough to provide some feedback on them.  The feedback very much supports the marketing of the technology behind the shoes which was nice to see.  In particular that the offset lacing holds the foot in place better than traditional lacing.  I hope this review is helpful for those of you considering purchasing these great shoes.  If you do want to purchase a pair please click here.

Review of the Hi-Tec Infinity Flare Squash Shoes

“So here is my review so far…..

Shoe fits same as Gel Blast 4…….The offset lacing running down the bone to the big toe seems to hold my foot a bit better in the shoe though. As a result, there was no backward/forward or left/right movement of my foot in the shoe whatsoever.

So if you have a customer coming out of Gel Blast 4’s, I would advise they get the same size.

……..The extra material on the outside of the shoe (from the laces being offset), also seemed very supportive (I tend to put a lot of pressure on this part of the shoe)

The shoe is very stable with great grip…….My court footwork needs work, but I am very quick..…As a result I end up lunging an awful lot, and I felt extremely comfortable moving aggressively around the court.

They don’t have the Rhino skin like the Gel Blast, and with all my lunging I have a lot of toe drag….I have burned through the big toe joint part on all of my squash shoes, so we will see how these shoes stand up to the punishment.

So, I really like these shoes, and am glad I decided to try something different and get them.

Thanks very much for getting them to me so quickly.”


Please note this model of the Infinity Flare is discontinued.  We do have the latest, improved model in stock. If you are interested in a pair click on the “View in store” link below.

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The Squash Season starts now!

It is the beginning of October and squash season has arrived!  Hopefully everyone had a good summer training and getting ready for this upcoming season.  The PSA is back in swing now with the US Open coming up, leagues are starting – it is an exciting time!

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