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Review of the Tecnifibre Carboflex 130 Basaltex Multiaxial Squash Racquet

Tecnifibre Carboflex 130 Basaltex Multiaxial Squash RacquetI have been playing with the new Tecnifibre Carboflex 130 Basaltex Multiaxial squash racquet for about a month now and have been extremely impressed.  I played with one of its predecessors the Texalium version a few years ago and loved it.  In fact I would say that was probably the period of time where I hit the ball the best in my squash playing history.

When this years version came out I was excited to try it.  Its weight, balance and head shape have not changed so I had very high hopes for the racquet.  It has not disappointed! I have found myself really comfortable hitting the ball with this years version of the Carboflex. Continue reading

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Another Review of the Hi-Tec Infinity Flare Squash Shoes

I am lucky enough to know the Canadian #1 under 19 player Cameron Seth.  Cameron is off to University but is from my hometown and grew up playing out of my home club. Cam just recently switched to using the Hi-Tec Infinity Flare Squash shoes.  I asked if he would be kind enough to provide his opinion on them after he had a chance to use them for a while.  Knowing Cam and the work he does on the court and the level he plays at his opinion of them is pretty valuable. Here is what he wrote:

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Oliver Squash Gear now available at Control the ‘T’ Sports

Contact: Jeff Warren
Phone: 1-877-370-4661


Oliver LogoControl the ‘T’ Sports is very pleased to now be offering OLIVER squash gear. OLIVER is an established European sports brand that has been in business for decades. Their main lines are squash and badminton and they have further diversified into tennis, golf, and unisex fashion and leisurewear.  We are carrying their squash gear. OLIVER is working hard to expand their brand awareness in North America and we expect them to be very successful.

Since the 1970’s, OLIVER has produced racquets with innovative character, together with a playing performance to accommodate all types of players. Co-operation with top international and local club players has led to racquet lines which satisfy all individual preferences, making OLIVER one of the leading racquet companies.



For more information contact Jeff Warren by email at or by calling 1.877.370.4661


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Squash – Mental Confidence

Mental confidence is critical in a squash match.  Confidence can be fickle.  It can come and go if you let it.  What do you do if you are losing confidence?

The most important thing I believe to start is to be aware of your loss of confidence and the negativity that is associated with it. There will be days that you are not hitting the ball as well as you expect.  That can definitely lead to a loss of confidence.  Be aware of it and take mental action once you start to feel negative about your squash game.  What mental action should you take though?  There are a number of options and some will work better for some than others.

Focusing on something positive is one method that can often work.  Thinking of a match or even a good practice session where you were hitting the ball really purely can help regain confidence.  Think about what you were doing right at that time and have that positive memory replace the negative one can help a great deal.

Another method that I have seen work for people is having something in particular to focus on.  The two yellow dots on the squash ball can work.  A logo on your racquet can work as well.  It doesn’t even have to be something physical it can be just a thought.  Between each point stop and focus for a few seconds on your object or thought.  It can really help keep you calm focused and also help to get rid of negative thoughts.

One of my favourite ways to try and keep mental focus positive is to not focus on what has already transpired in the match it is to focus on what is coming next.  Focus on making your next shot be the best it can possibly be.  It doesn’t matter if you are in a defensive position or an offensive position focus on hitting the shot you are about to play and make it the best you can.  Once you have hit it, that shot is done and you have to focus on preparing for next shot and make that one the best it can be.

What do you find works helping maintain a positive mental outlook during a match?  We would love your comments!

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