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HEAD Graphene Cyano 115 Squash Racquet Review

Head Graphene Cyano 115 Squash RacquetThe last few weeks have been amazing here at Control the ‘T’ Sports. New squash gear has been rolling in our doors from many of our different suppliers. One of the orders I was most excited to receive was from HEAD. I have been very eager to try out the new Graphene series of racquets. The concept behind the racquets makes so much sense. The first racquet I decided to give a test hit was the Graphene Cyano 115.

So what is Graphene? On their tennis site HEAD states “Discovered in 2004, Graphene™ consists of a single two-dimensional layer of carbon atoms. This material has a breaking strength 200 times greater than steel, which makes it the ultimate substance for creating new HEAD tennis racquet frames with exceptional properties.” Simply put Graphene is incredibly strong. It is also very light. Continue reading

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Start of a New Season

Having restrained my urge to pen a review of the IOC’s decision to exclude squash from the Olympics (for the third consecutive time), I thought now would be an appropriate time for a preview of the new season. My 2013/14 campaign begins in just a few days with the $15k Nash Cup in London, ON. This tournament is held in high regard by PSA players for its great enthusiasm and hospitality. Big crowds populate the seats from day 1, players are given free meals at the club, and the members seem genuinely excited to have a Tour event in their own backyard. I am ranked as #5 qualifier, so progressing to the main draw would classify as a success.

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A review of the Salming Race R1 Shoes for Squash

Salming Race R1 Squash Shoes

I have been using the Salming Race R1 shoes for a little over a month and I am very impressed with them. They are a very light pair of shoes. I have found them to be very comfortable. They grip the squash court floor very well and provide the support required for the hard movements we as squash payers make on court. They are a terrific pair of shoes for squash.

The top of the shoes are primarily a mesh material with an EXO Skeleton structure around that to provide the required support. Being mostly mesh definitely helps keep them quite light. Light shoes for squash are a definite benefit. They have to have the strength though to support the hard directional changes squash player makes though and they do.

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Squash – What’s your target?

Squash is a bit of a funny game when it comes to where you are trying to hit the ball.  Most of the time you are trying to hit the ball off of the front wall so that it goes past you in to one of the back corners.  Hitting the ball in to the back corner so that it does not come out is your objective but should it be your target? Continue reading

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