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Squash at the 2015 Pan Am Games

With the Pan Am games coming to Toronto from July 7th to July 26th and with squash running from July 11th to July 17th, we are excited to see the great level of squash that will be displayed from both men and women. With a top ten player on each category, there are clear favorites but it won’t be too easy for them as there are potential dark-horses that can come out on top. Here are the favorites for both the men and women as well as the other top contenders:


Favorite: Amanda Sobhy – USA, World Ranking: 10


Women’s Favorite Amanda Sobhy

The 22 year-old from New York has been turning heads since she was just a teenager. Having claimed three Tour titles at the age of 16, she is a record breaker in the game of squash. In 2010, she became the first player from the USA to win the World Junior Championship. Breaking into the top ten in September 2014 and named PSA Women’s Young Player of the Year in May 2015, she is the favorite to go all the way during this year’s Pan Am games.

But, Sobhy will not have an easy time getting there. With compatriot Olivia Blatchford (World Ranking 37) as well as Canadian Samantha Cornett (World Ranking 33) and Mexican Samantha Teran (World Ranking 30) in the mix, Sobhy will have very strong contenders that could upset her chances at the title. With 24 women aiming for gold, we are guaranteed and intense and action-packed tournament between the best players in the Americas.

Speaking of Samantha Cornett we will definitely be cheering for her being a Canadian company and also one of her sponsors.  Good luck Sam!


Favorite: Miguel Angel Rodriguez – Colombia, World Ranking: 4


Men’s Favorite Miguel Angel Rodriguez

The first South American to reach the top ten in the world, “The Colombian Cannonball” will try to defend his title after winning gold at the previous games in 2011. Breaking into the top ten in January 2015 and reaching the semi-finals in two major championships in 2015, the Colombian is having his strongest season and will be the men’s favorite to win the event. Arguably the fastest and fittest player on tour, he is always fun to watch and will bring tons of excitement and jaw opening moments on court with his outrageous gets and dives. He will be a very tough one to beat!

However, there are some other very strong players competing for victory. With Canadian Shawn Delierre (World Ranking: 58) and Peruvian Diego Elias (World Ranking: 43) on the main draw, the Colombian will have to work hard to get past these players. After defeating compatriot Andrew Schnell (World Ranking: 92) in the final of the 2015 Canadian National Singles Squash Championships in May 2015, Delierre comes to this tournament in strong form. Elias comes in strong as well after recently winning the Costa Rica Tennis Club Open last month; the 6’2’’, 18 year-old will make some noise as he aims for the top spot at the tournament.

On the men’s side we are hoping for a strong showing by the Canadian men. We would also like to wish Chris Hanson good luck as well as one of our sponsored athletes.

Squash at the Pan Am games will be a must watch for everyone since it brings the best players in the Americas against each other. There will be world class squash and if you live in or near Toronto, you shouldn’t miss this event. Hopefully the world can see how beautiful and competitive squash is, and how much talent the Americas bring to the sport.

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David Palmer has joined the US based Pro Squash Tour

David Palmer








It was only a couple of weeks ago that the squash world was discussing David Palmer’s retirement from the PSA and now he has signed to compete on the US based Pro Squash Tour (PST).  The PST’s full announcement can be read here.

Joe McManus, the commissioner of the PST stated that “David is the sport’s most recognizable name and one of its great ambassadors,” said McManus. “We have seen this type of signing before in sports. Pele came to America to bolster the game of soccer. Later, it was David Beckham for MLS. David’s addition to PST will benefit every player on the tour because his presence will allow us to attract more sponsorship and increase our tournament purses. It is a seminal moment in the history of the Pro Squash Tour and the game of squash.”

I certainly agree that David Palmer is one of the biggest names in squash.  That is because of the success he has achieved on the PSA Tour and because of the longevity of his career.  It is amazing that he left the PSA tour ranked #9 in the world in a game that certainly favours youth.  He certainly is the biggest name on the PST.  Heralding’s Palmer’s signing as comparable to Pele or Beckham coming to the play soccer in the US is certainly a bold statement but there are similarities.  Both Pele and Beckham came to the US later in their careers.  Palmer is certainly later in his career.  Both Pele and Beckham were or are huge names in their sport as is Palmer.  Beckham’s signing definitely got people talking about the MLS.  I am sure the PST is hoping the signing of David Palmer will have the same outcome for them.

I do agree with Joe McManus’s assertion that having signed Palmer should allow the PST to attract more sponsorship and therefore increase prize money.  I would expect that there will definitely be an increased interest in the PST’s events which should lead to larger audiences which should lead to more interest from companies wanting to market to them.

How will Palmer do on the Pro Squash Tour?  Is he going to dominate?  Following many squash related accounts on Twitter that seems to be the consensus.  There is a belief that he is going to completely destroy the competition.  When he left the PSA he certainly was playing at an extremely high level.  I am definitely interested in seeing how he fares and just how well the PST’s current line-up fare against him.

Will more top international players follow Palmer and join the PST?  If the prize money does grow there is a possibility of that of course.  This is definitely an exciting time for the Pro Squash Tour and I look forward to following David Palmer on it and seeing if his signing does indeed help the growth of the PST and squash in general in North America.

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PSA Participation Policy and the PST Response

I was logged in to my Twitter account @controlthet yesterday when I received the following tweet from @usprosquash: “PST Responds to PSA Attack” I followed the link, read the initial statement from the PSA (Professional Squash Association) regarding their new participation policy and the response from the PST (Pro Squash Tour). I opened my email and received an email from SquashZag blogging on the subject and read his response as well.  I then stepped back and thought about why the PSA would do this, are there parallels in other sports and whether they were justified or not.

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US Pro Squash Tour – No let rule

A couple of months ago squash enthusiasts were debating the US Pro Squash Tour’s 5-Let rule, now there are no Lets!  Can this work?  Perhaps, time will tell but let’s first take a better a look at its intent.

In the last couple of days there has been a great deal of talk about this subject and with good reason.  This is a pretty significant change.  It is a fact that in squash interference will occur.  You have two people in a very confined space trying to move to and from the same place, the ‘T’ to the ball.  Some contact is inevitable. Traditionally when a player believed they were interfered with and thought the interference prevented them from playing an appropriate shot they would stop play and appeal for a Let.  The referee would then have 3 choices, yes Let, no Let, or Stroke.  There is a defined process for this but for the most part it is interrupted as follows:

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