Ramy Ashour – Dunlop Blackmax Titanium Squash Racquet

Credit to Pierre Bastien over at squashsource.com for posting that Ramy seems to now beep playing the Dunlop Blackmax Titanium Squash Racquet. Photo credit to Squashsite.

This is an older racquet that is no longer for sale. Dunlop is doing a good job at least keeping him playing with their brand. Head did not seem to have the same success when he was still using a Prince Air Stick 130 while signed to be playing with Head.

Ramy definitely seems to be particular about the racquet he is playing with and does not just play with whatever a company sticks in his hand. The racquet he is marketed to be playing with by Dunlop, the Dunlop Biomimetic Max 2012 is a very nice racquet but it seems to not be the racquet Ramy currently is playing with.

We do carry the Dunlop Biomimetic Max 2012 at our online store and there is a review of it here.

2 thoughts on “Ramy Ashour – Dunlop Blackmax Titanium Squash Racquet

  1. Hi,
    first of all – thank you for a blog – really huge amount of interesting stuff, not to find anywhere else on the internet!

    I’ve just watched highlights from ToC in New York Grand Central and I am really astonished to see Ramy Ashour playing good old Prince Airstick 130! The racket was in its old paint, I tried to find out what happened with his Dunlop sponsorship but only what I see is that there’s no Ramy Ashour on Dunlop website. Shabana either. It looks like they are through with Dunlop. It’s strange, isn’t it? Ramy gets lead in ranking at last and has no sport sponsor at all! Happy Prince 🙂 to receive such a free gift from the squash world number one.
    On the other side it shows how easily Ramy can switch to different racquet and play as usually.


    • Mike – Thanks for the kind words about our blog it is definitely appreciated!

      Regarding Ramy switching back to his Prince Air Stick 130 there was a post on Twitter here about it just before the ToC started. It looks like Ramy, Hisham and Amr are all no longer Dunlop players. That is definitely surprising given Ramy reaching #1 and winning the World Championship. Amr is playing great too. They did renew Nick Matthew’s sponsorship though. I wonder who will end up sponsoring Ramy and Amr in particular?

      I am sure you are right that Prince is pretty happy that Ramy is playing with their racquet again and doing so of his own choice! Regarding his switching and playing as usual it is pretty amazing. I am sure he used it practice a lot before the ToC though to get ready. I am sure it does not take too long for guys of that level to adjust to a different racquet.

      Thanks again for the post!


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