Ramy Ashour – Dunlop Blackmax Titanium Squash Racquet

Credit to Pierre Bastien over at for posting that Ramy seems to now beep playing the Dunlop Blackmax Titanium Squash Racquet. Photo credit to Squashsite. This is an older racquet that is no longer for sale. Dunlop is doing a good job at least keeping him playing with their brand. Head did not seem […]

The technologies behind the Biomimetic series of squash racquets

I received a request for more information on the Dunlop Gecko-Tac grips.  I spoke with Dunlop to get more technical information on it and received a PDF with the results of their testing on the technologies in their Biomimetic series of tennis racquets.  The technologies in the tennis racquets are the same as the technologies […]

Biomimetic, Aeroskin, HM6 Carbon and Gecko-Tac Grip – Dunlop’s new technology for squash racquets

Dunlop’s new racquets for the 2011/2012 squash season are almost here.  We expect to have them in our ProShop and online store in July.  With their arrival coming so soon it is time to start looking at the new technologies that Dunlop have added to their line of racquets for this year.  The new series […]