Squash – Fluid movement back to the ‘T’

Many I am sure have seen this video from featuring the great Peter Nicol discussing moving back to the ‘T’.  Here is the video: is sponsored by Prince Sports His discussion on not rushing back to the ‘T’ is critical and not something that I think you hear discussed that often. Most people are […]

Squash – Pace of play

In the last post we talked about deception.  In particular using a hold to add deception to your shot selection.  Another very important method to keep your opponent guessing and off balance is varying your pace of play. Varying your pace of play can be an effective method to keep or change momentum in a match […]

Squash – Clearing your drop or counter drop shot

One of the biggest differences between low to mid level players and higher level players is how fast they recover to the ‘T’ after playing their shot.  One the most noticeable areas I see this on court is at the front corners. It is extremely common to see a player rush up to get a […]