A Review of the Tecnifibre X-Speed Carboflex 130

Tecnifibre X-Speed 130 used by Marwan ElShorbagy

First things first

As somebody who has used Tecnifibre racquets religiously for a good few years, I’d like to assure you that my opinion of this racquet is completely unbiased!


For me personally, how a racquet looks is a really important factor when I’m looking to buy a new one. In terms of aesthetic, the Carboflex uses a combination of black, red, blue and white (geared towards the French flag), which I find gives it a great overall professional vibe. 

The teardrop head shape is something that Tecnifibre has managed to perfect over the years. In my days as a junior I was insistent on using a traditional racket frame shape with a bridge, this all changed when I won an old model Carboflex 130 in my local club’s raffle, thanks to this I have sworn by the teardrop head shape ever since.

Balance and weighting

As a UK Squash player myself, I would say that I have a reasonably large swing and I’m certainly the type of player that likes to take his space! I found that, as the X-Speed is slightly on the head-heavy side, it manages to do an awesome job of assisting a big swing, and also allows a smooth follow-through without throwing you off balance.

I usually like my racquet frames to weigh anything between 130 and 140 grams, the Carboflex frame weighs in at 130 grams, which is slightly on the lighter side than what I would normally prefer, however it has definitely given me a new appreciation of racquets that weight a little less. Obviously, there are racquets available that are considerably lighter than the Carboflex range, and this is a factor that comes down mainly to personal preference.

How it feels

The 14 x 18 string pattern is on the less-dense side, and definitely gives a slightly softer feel when striking the ball. This enabled me to be able to feel the balls contact with the strings a whole lot better which boosted shot accuracy significantly. I actually found the sweet spot to be on the large side which is relatively forgiving, it gave me some leeway on shots where I may have miss-hit the ball if the sweet spot were smaller.

The 500 squared cm head size further attributes to the forgiveness of the Carboflex and gives the user a very generous surface to hit on. Composed of Basaltex, graphite and iBlades on either side of the frame giving it an increased level of stiffness and stability, I believe this racquet hits the ideal level of sturdiness without losing feel of the ball. An ideal combination for any Squash player.

A racquet you can trust

It goes without saying that any squash racquet endorsed by highly respected players is one that you can be sure to trust! Tecnifibre’s current reputation for producing excellent squash gear used by countless pros backs this up nicely. The X-Speed has been seen in the hand of some great players such as Marwan El Shorbagy, Gregoire Marche and Nouran Gohar. 

If you’re the sort of player who’s looking to step up their game and access a new level of play, the X-Speed Carboflex 130 is, in my opinion, an ideal racquet to do so!

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2 thoughts on “A Review of the Tecnifibre X-Speed Carboflex 130

  1. Alex Collings says:

    Of the three Tecnifibre Carboflex 130 rackets (130, 130S, or X-Speed)
    Which would you say was the best and which is your favourite?

    And which feels more durable/resilient?

    • Alex,

      Thanks for the comment on the post. I am not the author of the post myself but have used lots of versions of the Carboflex 130. They are all pretty similar in that the weight and balance have remained the same. I never used the 130S with the bumperguard removed myself.

      The feel on contact varies a bit with the different versions. My favourite of all time was an old Baseltex version actually. That was from 10+ years ago though and my memory of it.

      Of the 3 most current versions I like the X-Speed version. It feels very solid on contact.

      All the best,

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