Inspiration Is A Powerful Thing

Think about the basic sports we have been exposed to over the years.

  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Golf

All have massive TV exposure. How do you think the general public gets inspired to play? Try new things, new shots, new moves? How do you they choose their favourite players? Why do they select certain jerseys etc.? They see the game and the athletes in action. They hear the commentary and learn the strategy. They mimic what they see (monkey see, monkey do). They are absorbing the game visually and learning through the influence of entertainment.

This is what the game of squash has needed for a long – long time.

We are FINALLY getting there with the introduction of SQUASH TV.

If you have not been exposed to Squash TV, I highly recommend it. They have made watching the game of squash a truly engaging and thrilling experience. The all glass courts and multiple camera angles pick up everything from sweat drops to slides and smashing nick outs. Never has the game been so accessible and never has it been more exciting. The commentary informative and completely entertaining. The players are not only incredible athletes showcasing their phenomenal skill, but they are characters we end up routing for (or against).

I have been playing this game for several decades and thought there wasn’t much else to add to the extraordinary sport of squash. I was wrong. I get very inspired (and rather fired up) after watching the pros in action. I find myself adding things to my game that I wouldn’t have even thought of before seeing someone like Ramy execute it like a surgeon! Not only does it help improve my own game, but as a coach, I can use it to help demonstrate certain shots, movement and strategies to students. It is a remarkable tool that I am very grateful for.

Squash TV has a positive impact on the game. Maybe one day it will get to the networks, but for now there are a few ways to check it out and catch the excitement.

If you don’t have to have a subscription (which I do – and obviously LOVE), you can catch highlights on Youtube and special editions such as “Shots of the Month”.

If this doesn’t get you revved up to play, I’m not sure what will!!

Squash Pro & Program Director
Brantford Movati Athletic

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