Review of the Head Xenon TB 120 Squash Racquet

Recently I took the Head Graphene XT Xenon 120 Slimbody for a hit and I have to say I’m happy with the results. This racquet weighs 120g, has an even head balance, has a smaller head size, and features a very thin beam. Overall a very nice racquet to play with as it is very maneuverable and provides great control due to its bridged design and small head. However, you need to hit all your shots on the sweet spot in order to avoid movement and vibration through the racquet.

Head Graphene XT Xenon Slimbody 120 Squash Racquet

The first thing I noticed is how easy it is to generate head speed with this racquet. I was able to make quick swings easily which allowed me to maintain power which is a nice thing since I had to generate most of it myself without the aid of the racquet (due to its light weight and head balance). I was able to attack more on the mid court and, because of its bridged design, I could take full advantage of my attack with better accuracy. Furthermore, even if I couldn’t attack right on the midcourt, I was still able to retrieve shots before they reached the back court since the racquet’s light weight and thin beam allowed me to be more flexible with my wrist; this was also a great thing when I needed to ‘dig’ shots off the back wall. The racquet’s thin beam is a feature I found interesting as it aids racquet speed; but, before using it, I thought this would impact control negatively which ended up not being the case.

The control this racquet provides is good. Not only could I hit better and more accurate drop shots, but I was also able to control the ball better on harder shots. I like to think that this is due to the racquet’s amazing sweet spot. Whenever I would hit the ball on the sweet spot it felt like I wasn’t even hitting it since all vibrations were completely damped; this is where I found I would hit my best shots as the racquet would let me whit my shots wherever I wanted to hit them with amazing accuracy. However, if I hit the ball off the sweet spot the racquet was not too stable which is a minor setback but not really a big problem at all. Having said this, I would recommend using this racquet if you are the type of player who tends to hit the ball on the middle of the racquet more often than not. I also found that even though it is a very light racquet with an even head balance, it was not hard to take the racquet through the ball unlike other similar racquets where the player needs to make a greater effort to achieve this. The only time I found I had to do this was when hitting drop shots but this is expected from such a light and thin racquet.

Overall a great racquet with great control, maneuverability, and head speed. This was the first time I tried out Head’s Xenon series and I am very happy with the results I got with the Head Graphene XT Xenon 120 Slimbody. Being able to attack shots on the mid court with increased accuracy was a nice advantage as well as being able to use my wrist more on harder to retrieve shots. My favourite thing about this racquet is its sweet spot since the feeling I would get when I hit the ball there was amazing: barely feeling anything and knowing my shot was going to go wherever I wanted it to go. I highly recommend this racquet for an overall type of player who likes to be aggressive but needs reliability on accuracy. Also, I would very much recommend this racquet to any advanced player who will be able to most of their shots right in the middle of the racquet. Give it a try, find its sweet spot, and enjoy playing great squash!

5 thoughts on “Review of the Head Xenon TB 120 Squash Racquet

  1. Hi Diego, I’m thinking of getting this racquet but I was wondering how this compared to the 135 version? Is it more powerful? More accurate? More stable?

    Head racquets are quite expensive so I would appreciate your opinion.

    Regards, David

    • David,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on our blog! Between the two the 135 will be the more powerful. The extra mass behind the ball is the reason I say that. Lighter racquets help generate pace but allowing the player to generate more racquet head speed easier. If you generate the same racquet head speed with the 120 and the 135 though you will get more pace from the 135. I hope that helps!

      All the best,


  2. Jeff is right on with his review and answer. I just picked one up the 120 and the first hits I was questioning the selection. After a bit I found it makes you stroke the ball not strike it. I found that you get great length moving up the front wall some. I found the control was fantastic, rails were tight, drops were tight and it appears very consistent. I also have the older 135 non slim which I use for doubles just to heavy and slow for singles, great power but that gets old quick when your opponent takes it off the back wall and puts it away. The 120 so far is a great racquet played 3 matches and I am really warming up to the advantages it provides. It is light enough to dig in the back corners and to flick a lob to the back court, again more with a fuller stroke through the ball more directing it instead of driving the ball or stabbing at the ball. The ball comes off the racquet instead of exploding off the racquet if that makes sense. I am also finding slowing down gives me time to place the ball better. If I want to drive it cross court or down the rail I am able to get great pace out of it when the time is right, plenty of power for me. It is advertised as a balanced racquet I find it slightly very slightly head heavy compared to the Prince Pro Beast, Tecnifibre 130 NG which is head light, Tecnifibre 125S and about the same balance as the Harrow Stealth Ultralite but solider feel, but definitely much head lighter than the 135 non slim. Bottom line it is a great control racquet to control me the game and my opponent. On top of it the 120 by my eyes is a really cool looking racquet……I bought two…and selling the others….. I’m hooked. Enjoy the game!

    • Alvin,

      Thanks for the comment. It is a very different racquet actually. The Neon series have very large hitting areas and are designed to be very easy to play with. The Xenon Slimbody models have a very small head with a tight sweetspot. They are nice racquets but not forgiving. I hope that helps!


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