The Harrow Vapor – Pack a punch!

Don’t be fooled by how light this racquet is, you can access some serious power too…

Harrow Vapor Squash Racquet White Yellow

How does it look?

It comes as no surprise that a racquet named the ‘Vapor’ comes in such a light colour scheme, the racquet is clean white, and features bursts of yellow to give it an eye-catching appeal.

The Vapor has a traditional frame shape with a bridge, and comes strung with Harrow’s own red and white Barrage Pro strings.

How does it feel?

As soon as I picked up the Vapor, I instantly felt how light the racquet actually was, with a fully finished weight of 140 grams, it is very light!

This level of lightness definitely worried me at first, as I consider myself to have a pretty big swing, however, after a few practice swings, I was delighted to feel that this racquet is actually quite head heavy, which assisted my swing perfectly!

I couldn’t wait to give it a shot on court …

How does it play?

After a few lengths, a few drops and a few volleys I began to really enjoy playing with the Vapor!

This Harrow racquet has a stiff construction, which I personally quite like! The sweet spot is a little smaller due to the 470 cm2 head size, but after a few minutes of adjusting, it’s easy enough to find the sweet spot with every shot!

​It has a dense string pattern of 14 x 19, especially given the smaller overall head size, giving you more control over the ball as well as being slightly more durable which is always a plus!


I would say that in terms of balance it is perfect for allowing good control as well as access to power. If you’re looking for a lightweight racquet that packs a punch, the Harrow Vapor is ideal!

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3 thoughts on “The Harrow Vapor – Pack a punch!

  1. Thank you for this detailed review of the Vapor.

    How would you say that Vapor and the Vapor Ultralight compare to the Dunlop Hot Melt Pro? I am down to my last Hot Melt Pro as I recently broke one of my spares. Are the Vapor and Vapor Ultralight still maneuverable despite being head heavy?

    • They are fairly maneuverable even though they are balanced towards the HEAD. They are a both lighter than than the Hot Melt Pro you are playing with. Harrow’s weights are listed fully finished so the 140 gram Vapor and 135 gram Vapor Ultralite weigh just that. The Dunlop Hot Melt Pro is likely in the area of 155-160 grams finished weight. Its unfinished weight is 140 grams. I don’t have 1 here to weigh right now but that is what I would expect it weigh.

      In Harrow’s line you might take a look at the Spark if you are looking for the best maneuverability. Its the same weight as the Vapor Ultralite at 135 grams but its balance is less head heavy making it more maneuverable and faster to play with. The Spark is the same basic frame as the Vapor series but its the lightest and fastest to play with offering in that frame style.

      I hope that helps!

      All the best,

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