Black Knight – A great squash company

Black Knight is a great squash company.  Not only do they have a great selection of squash racquets they put money back in to the sport.

What I like about Black Knight is where they put their money in to the sport. They sponsor David Palmer one of the hardest working players in history but most of the people that are sponsored are up and coming local players.  Black Knight also is very good at supporting the local club.

Sponsoring David Palmer was a good fit for Black Knight.  David Palmer’s work ethic is next to none.  What better type of professional player for Black Knight to sponsor.  He exemplifies what it takes to be successful at squash – hard work, training, and a will to win.

Sponsoring up and coming local players is a great way to support local squash development.  It helps get good squash gear in the hands of amateur players.  Professionals could afford any squash racquet that is not always true of an amateur player.

Black Knight’s support of local clubs really puts something back in to the sport.  Their Knight To Remember is always a great event.  They come and let the players at the club try all of their racquets.  They have you provide feedback on every racquet you try.  This helps them make sure they are producing racquets that players want.  They also help by running promotions designed to get players to trade in their old racquets and donate those traded in racquets in to the local clubs junior program.  What a great way to support local squash


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