Easy Drill to Improve Lengths and Volleys

    May 23, 2015 9:31:58 AM / by Diego Caballero posted in Squash Tips, Squash Training, improve game, improve squash game, length, play better squash, volley, volley drop, drill, drills, drop, squash, squash drills, squash technique, technique


    No player can deny that having a strong length and volley game is a great advantage on court. Being able to keep your opponent on the back of the court by using solid lengths is a very important part of the game as it keeps the rally under control and can lead to attacking opportunities. One of such opportunities is being able to volley on the mid-court if your opponent leaves an open shot. But in order to do this you need to practice. So I will talk about a fun and easy, three part drill that any player can do with a friend and that will help them strengthen both their length and volley games.

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    Swing Like a Pro

    Feb 24, 2012 7:25:54 AM / by Mike McCue posted in Squash Tips, Squash Training, squash swing, squash technique, squash tips, squash training, technique, tips


    The swing is one of the most important and scrutinized aspects of every player’s overall game. Good technique allows a few important things to develop in your game: consistency in ball striking, ability to hit the ball from compromised positions, and deception.  It is something that cannot be swept under the carpet; you will struggle to pass a ‘C’ level of play if you have major technical deficiencies. Most errors ultimately come from some sort of technical miscue.

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