Ramy Ashour - Racquet Preparation and Deception

    Nov 16, 2014 2:09:11 PM / by Jeff Warren posted in Squash Tips, Squash Training, deception, drive, Forehand, drop shot


    I was watching Ramy Ashour play Adrian Grant this morning on www.psasquashtv.com and was amazed at how deceptive he was in particular when the ball was played in short on the forehand side. His racquet preparation looks identical between a drive and a drop which makes reading what he is going to hit nearly impossible. There was a terrific video on squashskills.com featuring Jonathon Power where Jonathon went over that very subject.

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    Amr Shabana's Forehand - Preparation, Hold and Deception

    Apr 27, 2014 11:30:10 AM / by Jeff Warren posted in Squash Tips, Squash Training, holding your shot, deception, Forehand, Amr Shabana, racquet preparation


    I am watching the Grasshopper Cup 2014 on www.psasquashtv.com currently and am having a good look at Shabana's forehand. It really is a thing of beauty. He has my favourite forehand on tour. There are several components of it that I really like. His racquet preparation, his hold, how deceptive it is and how consistent it is are what make it so good.

    Amr Shabana wearing the Salming Race R1 2.0 Photo credit to squashsite.co.uk

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