Black Knight Ion X-Force Yellow – The racquet of David Palmer


David Palmer has been with Black Knight since 2008.  He helped develop the ION series of squash racquets.  His first signature model was the Black Knight Ion Storm.  The Storm is still available but Palmer has moved to one of Black Knight’s new models – the Black Knight Ion X-Force Yellow Squash Racquet.

Black Knight Ion X-FORCE Yellow Squash Racquet

I have been watching the 2011 Australian Open on and have been intrigued to see what racquets the players would be using as this is the first event of the new season.  I had discussed what Palmer was playing with my contact at Black Knight and had been told it was the Black Knight Ion X-Force Yellow but wanted to see for myself.  I watched his matches with Azlan Iskander and then Tom Richards and indeed he was using it.

The Black Knight Ion X-Force Yellow is a very stiff racquet.  It is also quite head light.  Its weight is measured at 145 grams but its dynamic weight is 135 grams.  Black Knight uses the dynamic weight to distinguish if a racquet is head light or head heavy.  If the dynamic weight is less than the actual weight it plays head light.  The 10 grams difference is fairly significant. This racquet also uses 3 of Black Knight’s latest technologies: Power of 6, Thermal Core and 16K Hyper Tensile.

Power of 6 – The frame is measured at 6 points during processing for optimum density, flex and balance.  This process help ensure consistency from one racquet to the next in the manufacturing process.

Thermal Core – The standard manufacturing process of a racquet is done by sandwiching the carbon fibre framework of the racquet in a mold then inserting the mould into an oven to cure the fibres from the outside in. With Thermal core process Black Knight inserts a tube into the handle of the frame which injects superheated air into the racquet at the same time the mold is curing the fibres from the outside. The result is a uniformly cured racquet from both inside the frame and outside – that is why the racquet is more reactive as well there is less chance of uneven curing that could result in premature breakage.

16K Hyper Tensile – This is the latest and highest quality carbon fibre Black Knight uses. It incorporates 16,000 fibre filaments to produce the strongest graphite to date. The benefit is the ability to withstand high tension stringing without sacrificing the structural integrity of the frame.

The Black Knight Ion X-Force Yellow is a great new racquet and it is great to see David Palmer doing so well at the 2011 Australian Open.  As of this post he had just beaten Karim Darwish which is an amazing result.

Black Knight Ion X-Force Yellow Squash Racquet

5 thoughts on “Black Knight Ion X-Force Yellow – The racquet of David Palmer

  1. I’m quite surprised to see that you don’t have the Ion Galaxy in stock. I started to use it last week and found it to be quite a fantastic racket with more of an even balance than the 2 x-force rackets and with beautiful feel too. Oh and it looks better than the 2 x-force rackets in my opinion!

    • Thank you very much for commenting and it is a nice racquet. Not having it on the site is an oversight and thank you for posting as it brought that to my attention. I have the racquet in my Pro Shop but have not put it on the site. Definitely something I will correct!

  2. I have one Yellow X-Force and three Ion Storm.

    The Yellow X-Force is extremely powerful for a head-light racket, control on the volleys, especially on on the volley drops is great. I actually feel the racket has too much power as when I play on a hot court, I have to control my swing more than with the Ion Storm, otherwise the balls bounces back too much of the back wall after the first bounce, making my opponent’s life easier!

    I do prefer the Ion Storm as it is head heavy, therefore my basic length game is easier to produce than with a head light racket such as the Yellow X-Force.

    I tend to use the Ion Storm for serious matches, and the Yellow X-Force for doubles or social games.

    Both rackets are excellent, and I can switch between them without too much trouble. I would recommend Black Knight rackets, in my opinion they are worth every $ you pay for.

    • Thanks for taking the time to post on my site, it is always appreciated. The Storm and the new Ion X-Force Yellow are definitely both nice racquets. I wonder if Palmer switched to the X-Force Yellow for the extra power? The glass courts they play on are apparently very slow and the extra power would be a real benefit. Also control on the volley is very important of course too. Thanks again for posting!


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