Ramy Ashour – Is he using the Dunlop Biomimetic Max?

The marketing information from Dunlop definitely features Ramy Ashour with the Dunlop Biomimetic Max.  Having watched him play at the Australian Open, and not British Grand Prix the racquet he looks to be using is the one that he was using last season, that is based off the paint and the discussion of the commentators.  The frame design of the racquet he is using the the Biomimetic Max appears to be the same.  The paint does not appear to be the same, it looks like the racquet he used last season.  The commentary over the last few tournaments I have watched on PSASQUASHTV.com has been consistent stating that it is a very light racquet, around 110g.  The Biomimetic Max is a 140g racquet.  Based off of what I have seen and heard watching his matches the last few tournaments it looks to me that while the new Dunlop Biomimetic Max has the frame shape as the racquet it is not exactly the same.

So what is he using?  Perhaps something custom from Dunlop.  It definitely has the name Max on it but it still does not seem to be the actual Max that is available at retail.

Ramy Ashour 2011 British Grand Prix Racquet Dunlop Biomimetic Max Squash Racquet

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  1. I think he might be using the Vision 110 then but just painted with the Biomimetric Max cover. The shape looks exactly the same as the Biomimetric – Max same goes with the stringing patterns but then instead of being 140g it is only 110g.

    And in my opinion I think he still likes the Prince AirStick 130 thats why he had Dunlop to develop a racquet thats so similar to the Prince racquet.
    Just a thought. Let me know what you guys think.

    • I think there is a possibility that you are correct. The racquet he is using is still painted in the style of the Aerogel 4D series but it is not the Max from that series. The specs and head shape, at least as far as I know do seem to match up with the Venom 110/Vision 110. The Vision is this years version or the Venom. Thanks for posting!


  2. Oh ya I just double checked, you are right. It is still painted in the style of the Aerogel 4D, I thought they would change it by now.
    But I want to know what is your view on him loving the AirStick 130 in response to Dunlop developing the racquet that he is using now. I guess it was clear from his first ad from Dunlop he is already using the fanned out stringing pattern like Prince with the power ring design.
    Furthermore have you tested the new Biomimetic Max? Does it feel like the AirStick 130? Even if not let me know how it plays, I am very interested at the comparison since I did own an AirStick 130 and it was great fun before it broke and I am still looking for a new racquet to replace it at the moment. One of the reason being Prince is completely out of Canada now I can’t send my racquet to them unless I have a state address and I have to ship it to NJ/NY for them.

    • I thought they would change it to much the same as I thought they would Gaultier but they have not as of yet.

      I think he definitely liked the Air Stick 130. He played with that by choice when he was not sponsored and even played with it when he was sponsored by Head. The new Max is a nice racquet. It is heavier than the Air Stick 130 as it is 140g. The Max is a little head light versus the Air Stick 130 which was a little head heavy. The Max is not as soft as most Dunlop’s. I like the Max. It is a really powerful racquet but also good for quick volleying as it is head light. The sweet spot is a little higher than centre like the Air Stick which if you like that is good. It takes some getting used to but once you are it is nice.

      I am in Canada too and when Prince lost distribution here in Canada I was disappointed. The Air Stick was a very good seller for me as was the old NFS II shoes. I called Prince in the USA to see if a new distributor was named, or even close to being named a couple of weeks ago and they had no new information for me. It is is very unfortunate overall.

      Thanks again for posting.


  3. Yea I just called them earlier this week in fact and they said nothing yet as for the distribution in Canada it ended at September. I was so disappointed also cause my Airstick 130 broke on the side two inches above the power ring and I had talked with my stringer about it. He said that area doesn’t even hit the wall at all so it has to be a defect. I just got the racquet at August and it broke by the end of September. Great fun while it lasted.

    I want to get the Airstick 130 again but as I am scared it will break again and the lack of customer support from Prince in Canada isn’t helping with my decision. I think I will be better off with another brand. And this is especially depressing as I had be playing with Prince since my dad got me my first racquet when I was 6, I am 21 now and that’s 15 years with Prince I never played with another brand. I also got their Exo3 Rebel at May this year but again I have a defect at the inner top of the racquet, one of the string channel up top which is a solid hole through the frame is chipping and it cuts my strings very often, I went through two sets of Tecnifibre 305 in just two months and I only play 2-3 times a week.

    So what would you recommend me to switch to? The new Biomimetic Max or any other choices of racquet that plays similar to the AirStick 130?

    • That is what I got from them as well that there was no distribution yet in Canada. .

      The Dunlop Biomimetic Max really is a nice racquet. It is a little heavier than the Air Stick but being a little head light it is not that noticeable. Another racquet to consider would be the Black Knight Quicksilver which plays really nice with the Tecnifibre 305 in it. It is 130g like the Air Stick, even balance and a tear drop shape although it does not have a fan out pattern. It is also a fairly durable racquet. I like its light weight and even balance. If you like the slightly higher sweetspot and the additional power the Dunlop Biomimetic Max would be a good choice.

      • I am sorry this is getting off topic but you are the nicest person I ever talked with about racquets. The sales from stores or other squash website are never this patient or explain things this clear with details to me. I mean I just want to know what are the difference between the racquets that I am interested in whats wrong with that? We need more passionate people to work to sale our sport.

        Ok last question in regards to racquets would be what about Harrow Vapor or Harrow Jonathon Power Custom Spark how would they compare to the ones above?

        • No problem at all and thank you!

          The two Harrow racquets you have asked about have one significant difference – feel. The Jonathon Power series are much softer than other Harrow racquets and play much more like a Dunlop. The Harrow Vapor is a very stiff racquet. Weight wise the Spark is a little lighter at 135g where as the Vapor is 140g. The Spark is head heavy and the Vapor even a little more head heavy. One thing to note about Harrow is how they weigh their racquets. They weigh them strung unlike other manufacturers who weight them unstrung. So the 135g and 140g weight of the two racquets includes the strings so while the 140g weight of the Vapor is a very average weight for a squash racquet it is actually fairly light. They both have a more traditional rounded head shape with a bridge and small head size although both have good power. Overall the difference between the 2 is mostly in the feel, soft for the Harrow Jonathon Power Custom Spark and stiff for the Harrow Vapor.

          Once again thank you commenting I really appreciate it!


          • And how would the feel be affected between stiff and soft racquet? My buddy got a Black Knight Corona this pass weekend and I got to play with it a bit yesterday I believe it is head light and its a really awkward feeling to me as I only played with even or head heavy. At the end of the day I want the racquet to be fun so I can hit “nicks” with control like Ramy does and I have try to model my game after him. I actually learned how to hit them quite often depending on the day with the AirStick 130 along with studying his videos online. So how would the stiffness with both the harrow racquet compare to the AirStick 130? And which of the two would you think would suit me better?

            I am so sorry for the loads of questions after another. Thanks a lot. Once again for providing me with this much details. I really appreciate it too!

          • No problem on the questions – I love talking about squash.

            The Black Knight Corona is head light and is relatively stiff. The Quicksilver is more in line with what you have had before. When you switch racquets there is definitely an adjustment period. No two racquet models are exactly the same so you will find your timing slightly off when you hit. After some time though you will adjust to it of course. If you are used to even or slightly head heavy racquets you might want to stick with that though. Of the two Harrow’s we discussed perhaps the Spark might be the better choice. The Vapor is way stiffer than the Air Stick 130.


    • A stiff racquet will generally be more powerful and is good for directional control. Generally speaking they are more powerful racquets. They can produce more vibration on impact.

      Flexible or softer racquets are generally less powerful but are very good for touch shot and ‘feel’. This is due mostly to being able to feel the ball on the string bed longer. They are also commonly have less vibration which is good from a comfort perspective.

      • I am sorry for asking so many questions I promise this is the last one I hope.. haha

        Last racquet I am interested in is the Dunlop Biomimetric Ultimate how is that in terms of stiffness and balance? And would it be better racquet for me instead of the Harrow Spark or Vapor?

        Thank you for your patience with me.

        • The Dunlop Biomimetic Ultimate is a terrific control racquet. It has a denser string bed with a 16×19 string pattern rather than the more traditional 14×18 pattern. It has a head light balance. Dunlop’s in general, the Ultimate included have a soft feel. It is a terrific racquet for quick volley exchanges on the ‘T’ and for control players overall.

          The Harrow racquets are both head heavy so they will play very differently than the Dunlop. The Spark has a softer feel which is closer to the Dunlop. The Vapor is very stiff.


          • So would you say the Dunlop Biomimetic Ultimate would be a better racquet if I want to learn how to play like a style similar to Ramy’s? Cause I am modeling my game after him and I do like to volley as much as I can then attack and hit some nick’s for kill shots. After I broke my AirStick 130 I have been playing with my dad’s Head Metallix 130 and I can no long hit nicks like I did with the AirStick 130 its just a power racquet I don’t enjoy it as much as the AirStick.

            So would you think the Dunlop Biomimetic help with that and give me more control?

            Thanks a lot.

          • The Dunlop Biomimetic Ultimate is a terrific control racquet so it should work very well for you. Hitting nicks takesa great deal of accuracy/control and the Ultimate as terrific control racquet will help in that regard. Its balance is a little different than you are used to so it will take some getting used but it is a great racquet.


  4. Ramy has a very unique style and would be almost impossible to copy however the racket he uses is similar to the Dunlop Biomimetic Max. The Max is much more powerful and close to the airstick 130 in terms of playability. The only thing is that the frame of the Max is on the fragile side and can quite easily break.

    The Biomimetic Ultimate is a good racket but it doesn’t have the same level of power as the Biomimetic Max so i would advise to try the Max which i feel still has a decent level of control.

  5. I’m not quite sure about the Biomimetic Max. I don’t quite like it and it has too much vibration. The racket feels very solid when you can hit the sweet spot, but otherwise, it feels quite out of control at times. It actually doesn’t feel too powerful either as it claims to be. I’m using technifibre 305 strings.

    I’m currently looking to get another racket, I’m considering the Prince Airstick 130, Dunlop Biomimetic Evolution 130 and Tecnifibre Carboflex 130 Basaltex.

    Anyone have a clue on the Carboflex 130 Basaltex? I found the previous Technifibres a little too stiff and it didn’t feel very manoeuvrable. I really wish I could try them out before purchasing, but it’s not possible.

    • I have played with the Carboflex 130 Basaltex and it is actually a little stiffer than the older models. The shaft in particular is stiffer. Balance is the same as the older models.

      The Evolution 130 is a nice racquet if you like a head light feel. The Airstick has been one of the most popular racquets we have sold actually. Same weight as the Evolution 130 but a little more of the weight is in the head. Works well with the Tecnifibre 305 string it too.

  6. Thanks Jeff for the quick reply.
    When you say the staff feels more stiff, does that mean when you play with it, the ball feels like it comes off the racket very quickly and having less time to “feel” the ball? From my previous experience, the old model of the Technifibre didn’t feel manoeuvrable and I didn’t think I could swing it back and fourth and reacting quick with it. Does it feel like , and worse (i.e, stiffer) with the new Basaltex model?

    Secondly, does the airstick have a reputation or breaking easily like the rest of the Prince rackets? I know it has been asked to compare with the Biomimetic Max, but does it have vibration like the Max does?

    Lastly, does the Evolution 130 also have vibration like the Max? How different is it from the Max in terms of feel? Thanks again!

    • It is stiffer in that the racquet does not twist as much on contact with the ball. I am only guessing but the biggest reason you may not have found the old one manoeuverable might be the balance. It is fairly head heavy which is not as easy for quick reactions. I found it great for a length style of game but slow on the volley. Of course one could get used to that with practice but that is its natural characteristic.

      The Airstick 130 is not that durable. It is more apt to break on contact with the wall than say the Carboflex which is very durable. Thankfully it is relatively inexpensive. It does not suffer from vibration problems. It is quite good in that aspect.

      The Evolution 130 has more a normal Dunlop feel – soft whereas the Max is a little stiffer. I did not find the Evolution to have problems with vibration.

      • Thanks a lot Jeff for the quick and thorough response, this is very helpful.

        The “Ramy effect” really has made me sway to buy the Max and the airstick. I need to try to put that aside and think about what fits my style. As much as I would like to play an attacking style squash, and would like to imitate Ramy I don’t think I can!

        I will take a look at the Evolution, and the Technifibre. Thanks!

          • The 130 and 140 are part of the Basaltex series and aside from paint and the 10grams of extra weight in the 140 they are the same.

            The 125 is the Dynergy and it is lighter, stiffer than the Carboflex’s and less head heavy.

          • I just bought the Carboflex 130 Basaltax. I also own the Dunlop Biomimetic Max, Dunlop Aerogel Pro-GT, Wilson nTour, Wilson nTeam, Wilson n120. I used to have played with a Head liquid metal 140 and 120. All my rackets are strung with the Technifibre 305 (except for the Basaltax)

            First impressions:
            An excellent racket. The racket feels solid without vibration annoyances when you hit the ball, and it is very very powerful. I can hit a ball at such high speeds with ease with good control. The ball comes off the racket quite quickly and you can still control your shots rather nicely. There really is a good balance of power and control in this racket. There is no hollow feeling when you strike the ball on your racket unlike the Dunlop or Wilson, so that you can generate plenty of power without having to swing much quicker. I sometimes find it hard to maintain my speed in the game near the end of matches and power is usually sacrificed and the game pace slows with the Dunlops.

            The racket feels a little bit head heavy (slightly off centre from even balance) whereas the Dunlops I own feel a little bit head light. From holding the rackets of Dunlop vs Basaltax, the Basaltax though rated at 130g, feels heavier than the Max and the Pro-GT. Although the Wilson n120 is also head heavy, the weight to balance doesn’t feel right as the racket is way too head heavy to compensate for its light frame. The Wilson nTour feels the most even balanced.

            The grip is a little wider/bigger than the Dunlops and Wilsons, and a little smaller than the Head square grips.

            I used to dislike the older technifibre rackets due to its low manoeuvrability, but the new ones have a much improved weight to balance ratio. Although I have yet played any games with the racket, the Technifibre feels almost unbreakable compared to the Dunlops or Wilsons (even though they are also very sturdy in their own rights).

            I have to say I am very impressed so far with the racket. The pre strung TF fibres is a very welcomed bonus.

            So far my preference with the range of rackets I have is: TF Basaltax 130 > Dunlop Pro-GT > Wilson nTour > Head liquid metal 120 > Dunlop Biomimetic Max > Wilson nTeam > Head liquid metal 140

          • Really glad to hear that you like your new racquet. Thanks for taking the time to post what you liked about it and for the comparison with your other racquets.

  7. After reading your reviews regarding the dunlop max & Ashour’s raquet of choice could you please clear up a few questions for me. From what i’ve read Ramy had preferred a lightweight raquet 110grm so i was suprised he then went to the max which is 140grm. Then your reviews are stating he’s using last years version or the 110grm Vision painted with max bio printing. So why would a top level player endorse one raquet for the largest squash company going round & use a different one.Especially after listening to Nick Mathews state how he was able to work extensively with Dunlop to produce the evolution. I’m not trying to slander this site or the reviewers that have posted this info , i just want to find what is fact & fiction. I myself am very pro light weight raquets just for the pure fact that reaction time,shot deception & lenght consistency is better & with practice provides good touch . However the market is the exact opposite i have purchased many raquets as well as the bio max due to merchandising behind it . This is a good raquet i have 4 of them but i always go back to Vision 110,Karakel 100 for a tighter game when playing higher standard players. I’ll be playing squash regardless & i understand the phrase of finding your personal preference & the longer the journey the more insight you’ll find i just hope finding the information on the way will become a little easier & cheaper on the mind & pocket.Your input will be greatly appreciated Cheers

    • First thank you very much for taking the time post on my blog – it is appreciated.

      I too have read that Ramy likes to play with a lighter weight racquet. More than that having watched many matches of his on PSASquashtv.com the commentators have made reference to his racquet being one of, if not the lightest on tour at 110grams. The 4D Aerogel Max and Biomimetic Max are both 140 grams. He was first marketed by Dunlop as playing with the Aerogel 4D Max. The paint job on the racquet that he was playing with matches that racquet. As of the last match I watched it still did. The string pattern did not match though with the Aerogel 4D Max. The racquet he was playing with had a fan out pattern which the Aerogel 4D Max did not. This year Biomimetic Max has a fan out pattern but the weight is not in line with the what he is reported to be playing with. Moreover the paint job is still that of the same racquet that he was playing with last year not that of this years Biomimetic Max. As the racquet appears to be the same one he was playing last year it has been guessed that is might have been a repainted Venom 110. That is because the technical specification match up with what the commentators have said he is using and the head shape and string pattern match although clearly the paint does not.

      As for why he would play with something different than what he is being marketed as playing I can’t say for certain. I suspect that Dunlop is very happy to have him using their brand and endorsing it. Ramy has always apparently been very picky with what he plays with though and perhaps what Dunlop wants to associate him with specifically and what he plays with don’t match exactly. A 140gram racquet is more marketable for Dunlop I believe than a 110 gram racquet that is actually not even featuring their newest technologies and highest price tag if is indeed using the Venom.

      I don’t know for certain what Ramy is playing with. I, as have others have just noted that he is definitely being marketed as playing with the Max. The Venom reference is based off of specifications and comments made during his matches. It is possible the racquet that he is playing with is something customized purely for him and not available at all. Last year certainly the obvious difference between what he was playing with and the Aerogel 4D Max was the string pattern. This year the paint does not match the Biomimetic series, the paint is the same as last year, and all of the comments that are made of the racquet are that is much lighter than 140grams.

      Thanks again for taking the time to post!

  8. Could you compare the 2012 version of the dunlop biomimetic max with the tecnifibre carboflex 130? I’m currently using the tecnifibre with 305 green at 25lbs

    • The biggest difference is balance. The 2012 Max really is quite head light so its really quick on the volley. The Carboflex is head heavy. They are both the same weight overall weight though at 130g. Factory strings on the Carboflex are nicer but of course you can change either racquet to your preference. It is nice though getting good quality strings with the racquet.

  9. I just broke my Biomimetic Ultimate. I liked most of the aspects of it but it was a little power deficient. Can anyone comment on the new Biomimetic Tour CX and how does that compare to a Biomimetic Ultimate?

    • First thanks for posting on our blog. The Ultimate is not known for its power and I don’t think the Tour CX is much more powerful overall. The sweet spot is a but larger overall which helps but power wise I think they are similar. Perhaps an Elite might work a but better as it is bit more powerful. Same head shape but less dense string bed.

  10. Firstly about my style of playing, I am more of a touch player who can chase balls endlessly hardly ever need to use power and have quick reflexes. I love playing drop shots and lofts to an extent that many a times a play a drop shots from the back of the court.

    I had been using prince airstick 130 with technifibre green strings set at 25-26 lbs tension for past few years now untill recently i got bored of it and decided to lookout for something new, I bought myself Tecnifibre Dynergy Tour 125. I love both the racquets. I find the airstick to be much more powerful then the technifibre. With the airstick all my shots go extremely flat in the intended direction, it never lets me down unless I have mis-calculated it always hits the right shot which I intended. With the technifibre it somehow gives a bit of bounce to ball and is very good to play against players who hit low, flat and fast (especially when the ball suddenly comes on my body), it increases my reflexes which maybe due to it being a bit light and a bit head light.

    Please let me know other technical difference between the two racquets and which one should i prefer according to my style of playing and also other racquets which will suit my style of playing.


  11. hi jeff,
    i appreciate your blog and this great discussion about rackets! but i was sorry to find that you guys are not offering any head rackets. i’m aware that a lot of attention is on dunlop and most recently prince because of ramy but what are your views regarding head rackets?
    until recently i used to play the head i.110 which, i know, by today’s standards is an antique but i liked the feel of it. however i went through several of them as they break easily. now i’m in the market again for a new racket and am faced with the myriads of lines head has come up with since i last checked: microgel, liquid metal, corrugated technology, anion, cerium, argon, cyano, neon, xenon and the latest graphene range.
    could you explain the chronological order of these and kindly share your take on whether the materials are only a marketing badge or if there is a real technological development in rackets. the i.110 is still available but i am ready to upgrade to newer materials hoping they will add to my game. (my eye’s on their latest Graphene Cyano 135.)
    i would appreciate your take. thanks.

    • Jens,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on our blog it is definitely appreciated. Prince right now certainly has the most attention with Ramy having switched back. Dunlop a lot of attention because of their sponsorship of Nick, Greg and up until recently Ramy and Amr. We have carried Head in the past but sold through what we had. That being said I have been planning to add their new product line to our offerings now that the new Graphene models are coming out. I have not used one as of yet so can’t really give a first hand account of it but I will look to rectify that in the next couple of weeks and will post back again once done.


      • I still owe you guys a review of the new Graphene series from Head. Have not forgotten but can’t actually play squash right now due to having surgery. Will see if I can find someone else to give a review of them to keep everyone from having to wait. I do look forward to trying them myself when I can.

  12. I too would look forward to your thoughts on the Graphene Cyano. I presently use a Cyano2 and 135 CT. Recently demo’d the Airstick 130, Dunlop Tour CX and to really change it up the Karakal SN90. After trying those I still enjoy my Cyano2 might be because I am use to and know it’s plus and minuses. Of those three the one that was the most different was the Dunlop incredible court control, drop shots and easier to rally duplicating rail drives. What it lacked was power, the quick wrist flick drive I am able to do with the Cyano2 vs a nick try or drop and serves it or I just could not get in a groove on serves. The Airstick was the best for serving good power a bit slow for mid court rallies but bang for the buck I think change the strings to the 305+ or your favorate to your tension liking and it could be a giant killer. The SN90 well not sure if it was me or the racquet just couldn’t get into a groove with it easy to flick around quick swing and plenty of power on drives tough to control the front court with soft shots. The grip was really small on it so maybe an over grip would help me with the control? Stock sticks the Dunlop Biomimetic CX Tour just stood out as the court commander. I will stay with my Cyano2 for now and wait to here Jeff’s thoughts on the Graphene line to see if their court control improves with the new technology. Jeff I would also like to hear your thoughts on strings take the top 5 out there and give us a starting tension and how much up and down to go for control and power. Jeff enjoy your insight. Thank you enjoy the game.

  13. hi, great site and information

    I am looking for a new racquet, unfortunately there is nowhere I can test out racquets in my region and there is a very small selection available as well, so I will have to buy online
    I am currently playing with a Dunlop Vision 120 with Technifibre X-ONE BIPHASE , I noticed an instant increase in racquet speed when I switched from an older Blackmax
    I have used a few different Dunlop racquets and a prince, hated the prince as it was heavier and a head heavy racquet
    I am more of a full swing kinda guy as opposed to a wristy player, I prefer head light racquets, and I am looking for something with more control
    what racquets would you suggest (if possible a few from different manufacturers)? I do not mind moving away from Dunlop, but I know very little about other brands
    I am very fast and agile around the court, don’t know if that makes any difference on selection
    oh and I like light racquets but don’t mind going above my current 120gm

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment on our site we really do appreciate it. A couple of racquets that might well suit you based off of the description you gave of what you like would be the Oliver ORC-A II and the new Black Knight Quicksilver TC. The Oliver is a bit lighter at 115grams but is an even balance. The new Quicksilver TC is 125grams but is head light with BK giving it a dynamic weight of 120grams. There are a couple of options for you. Hope that helps!

  14. I was in the same situation as you Delaware not sure if anyone in Delaware even sells racquets. I used an online demo program $30 for 3 racquets which included shipping to me and a return shipping label back. If you decide to purchase any racquet from them they give you $10 off. Great way to try before you buy. I used squashgalaxy.com one of the racquets they sent was brand new still had the plastic wrap on it.

    • John,

      Thanks for replying back to Jay it is great to see squash players helping each other out with suggestions. Our blog is a bit of an odd one compared to most. We are a business that sells squash products but we are also squash enthusiasts and players too. We try to post content that squash players will enjoy reading and also find helpful. We also allow others to comment on the blog for that very reason. The only comments I block are those that are pure spam, derogatory comments or those which only serve to promote a competitor of ours. As you will note I have not blocked or deleted your comment even though you mentioned a competitor because I hope/thought its intent was to assist Jay and not so much to promote our competitor. Also I think it could lead to some good discussion on the benefits of a demo program. It is not something we have at this point but something we should consider. So for that thank you and thanks as well for posting back to Jay.


  15. Hi, amazing info,
    what I want to know is how good is the Biomimetic Max in terms of power. I prefer full swings compared to flicks, and kinda use my wrists a bit less.So will the Max be beneficial for me? Also,I have heard about the Max being a bit fragile and having breakage issues,so is that true? I reside in India but I want to buy my racquet in the US, so what if the frame breaks after I have returned to India?Last, i like to volley aggressively so is the Max good at volleying?

    • Thanks for commenting!

      The Max is a good racquet for power. Its long main strings help with that. The version this article was written about is discontinued but you could probably still find it. There is a new model available of course for this year. Most retailers, including us have it in stock. The new model is a bit lighter and more head light than the version in this review. I think that a person that likes a full swing will often do well with a racquet that is balanced more evenly or to the head. To volley aggressively a relatively light head is easier to do that with as it is quicker to swing. The Max in this post is a 140g and head light although not dramatically head light. Being a bit head light does help on the volley.

      Regarding breakage I didn’t find this model to be more or less prone to breaking than any other Dunlop racquet from the same series. Overall I would say Dunlop’s are not the most durable brand but they are not the worst either. As for warranty, warranty is really against defect not breakage as a rule. When I have had Dunlop look at racquets for warranty purpose they are looking for overall condition to see how much use the racquet has seen. If it looks perfectly new and is broken they have warrantied them in the past. If they look well used (even in a relatively short time frame) they have not warrantied them. It is my understanding that you have to get warranty from Dunlop or their distributor in the Country you purchased in. This can be done directly with them or through the reseller. So if you bought in the US or Canada (we are in Canada) and took the racquet back to India you would have to get it back to the country of purchase for warranty.

      Hope that helps.

  16. Thanks Jeff for the prompt reply.

    I want to buy a pair of racquets, so do I buy 2 Dunlop Max racquets or one Max and the other one different? Can u recommend any other Prince/Head racquets similiar to the Max in terms of power and construction? And what is the difference between the Dunlop Max and the Evolution 130, which one is better?

    • A good racquet from Prince with lots of power is the Prince EXO3 Rebel. The EXO3 series have a really unique feel so it will feel quite different on contact then the Max but it is a really nice racquet. The Prince Airstick 130 is also a really nice racquet. It is fairly inexpensive too. From Head I am just about to receive my new order from the but their new Graphene series is looking good. The Graphene Cyano 115 or 135. The 115 is head heavy and the 135 head light. I should have those fairly soon and will be giving them a play test when I do get them.

      The new Max is very head light. It has a fan out string pattern and a large head at 500cm2 which help make it very powerful. The Evolution 130 is a bit lighter but has a more even balance. It is not as powerful as the Max.

  17. Adster not an expert but love to play and giving input on a racquet to try. The Prince OX3 Warrior if you are looking for some power. Not as head heavy say as the Rebel which I also have and enjoy but the Warrior has loads of power the Rebel is a great all around racquet great power with nice touch great frame shape for digs and gets. The Warrior is great fun to just let it rip. I have the Dunlop CX also good, a control racquet but not as much power as the Prince OX3 series or O3 Speedport series as I have experienced. One thing not to overlook is strings can’t stress that enough. There are some great racquets out there that can be even greater with the right strings. Start off trying what the pros are using then do some research there is enough information on the web to make you head spin but the research will pay off. A racquet that feels good in your hand, swings good and has the strings that improves your weaknesses or overal improves your game is really what you are after.
    Jeff, was just trying to add to the overall information not putting a plug in for a competitor didn’t even enter my mind till I read your comment didn’t mean anything by it sorry. Keep at it and I appreciate your site and dedication to squash.

    • John,

      Great comment on this thread. Great advice on the racquets. Tips from other squash players are really valuable.

      No problem on the other and I did figure the intent and actual end result was just to post more information on the subject. I really appreciate you visiting our site and for taking the time to comment!

      All the best.


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