Squash Pro Shop by Control the ‘T’ Sports

The last few weeks have been very busy for me.  I have been in negotiations to take over the Pro Shop at my local squash club and I am happy to say the negotiations have been successful! Starting July 1st the Pro Shop at Elora Racquets will be operated by Control the ‘T’ Sports.

I have been busy working with the owner of the club on getting things organized.  Going over what inventory is currently there and then figuring out what else I need to bring in.  I have been working with both new and existing suppliers to that end.

This is also a great opportunity for my online store as it allows me to partner with new suppliers and add new products to my online store.  That will start happening quite soon so stay tuned for some announcements in the not to distant future!

Lots of work to do but this is an exciting time and I am very excited about the future of Control the ‘T’ Sports!


3 thoughts on “Squash Pro Shop by Control the ‘T’ Sports

  1. Great news wish you well running it, and if give great service as i receive online store it should be up and running very well.

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