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Jeff Warren
By Jeff Warren on November 03, 2017

Eye Rackets Squash Gear now available at Control the 'T' Sports

Control the 'T' Sports is very pleased to now be carrying Eye Rackets terrific line of squash racquets. Eye Rackets has a very strong presence on the PSA World Tour with many top players using their racquets. 


"Superman" Paul Coll "Superman" Paul Coll



"Fearless" Fares Dessouky "Fearless" Fares Dessouky



Eye Rackets has 4 series of racquets that they carry. They have their X.Lite series and their V.Lite series. The X.Lite are a more traditional head shape featuring a bridge. The V.Lite series feature a teardrop head shape. In both series they carry CONTROL and POWER versions of their racquets. The difference between the CONTROL and POWER versions is the stringing pattern.


"The Black Falcon" Mazen Hesham "The Black Falcon" Mazen Hesham



"El Toro" Borja Golan "El Toro" Borja Golan


The CONTROL stringing pattern is a 14 x 18 string pattern. A 14 x 18 stringing pattern is fairly common in squash and provides a reasonably dense string bed which aids in control while still providing reasonable access to spin and power. The POWER series feature a very open 12 x 17 string pattern. The open string pattern provides extra power and extra spin.


"The Silver Surfer" Oli Tuominen "The Silver Surfer" Oli Tuominen



"The Iceman" Piedro Schweertman "The Iceman" Piedro Schweertman


As an example if you are a fan of Amr Shabana and love the weight and balance of his racquet, the X.Lite 120 CONTROL but find that you need a bit more power then the X.Lite 120 POWER is the logical choice. It has the same weight, balance, and feel but with more available power and spin due to the more open stringing pattern.


"Zac Attach" Zac Alexander "Zac Attach" Zac Alexander



Coline Aumard Coline Aumard


In both the X.Lite and V.Lite series of racquets there are models that feature a more flexible feel and others that are stiffer and offer a more direct response.

We also carry Eye Rackets exciting "S Line" Indoor Court Shoes. We have a review of them on our blog if you want to learn more about them.

Review of the S Line from Eye Rackets ->


"The Maestro" Amr Shabana "The Maestro" Amr Shabana



"The Legend" Jonah Barrington "The Legend" Jonah Barrington


About Eye Rackets

Eye was founded by ex squash players in 2010 with headquarters in Oslo (Norway) and distribution centre in Amsterdam (Holland). Eye is unique as the only pure squash brand on the market with a full range of products to suit all players at every level. Eyes fresh new approach to racket and product development has given Eye the edge in creating innovative and exciting new products. Extensive input from the brand ambassadors and top sponsored players on the PSA world tour ensure Eye maintains its position as one of the sports leading brands with rapid international growth. Eye is excited to launch its brand new collection and continue to expand its footprint as the only pure squash brand in the industry.

Published by Jeff Warren November 3, 2017
Jeff Warren