Squash Racquet Review - Harrow Jonathon Power Custom Vibe

    Mar 29, 2011 9:55:25 AM / by Jeff Warren

    Harrow Jonathan Power Custom Vibe Squash RacquetHarrow Jonathon Power Custom Vibe Squash Racquet

    The Vibe is a collaboration between Harrow Sports and Jonathon Power.  It is a very light weight frame with a soft feel.  Its weight is measured at 140g and that is strung.  Most manufacturers measure the weight of their racquets before the string is put on but Harrow advertises the full weight of the racquet including the string.  It comes with Ashaway's Supernick XL string which is a good fit for this racquet.


    I have been playing with this racquet for the past couple of weeks and have been quite happy with it.  It is not type of racquet I normally use but I have come to appreciate anyway.  I have been using a heavier racquet with long mains for the last while so the Vibe is quite a change for me. Its light weight makes it great for quick exchanges at the 'T'.  It provides a lot of feedback on the contact you make.  The feel of an off centre hit is quite different than the feel you get when you hit the sweetspot on this racquet. There is some vibration from off centre hits. It does not cause discomfort on the hit but definitely gives you feedback that you have not hit the sweetspot.

    This is definitely a touch/feel type of racquet which you would expect from a racquet that Jonathon Power uses.  If you are looking for a squash racquet that is light and that is great for volleying, deception and control you should definitely consider the Vibe.

    The specifications from Harrow on the Jonathon Power Custom Vibe Squash Racquet:

    What racquet do you play with if you are a 36 time PSA event winner, former World #1 and one of the greatest shot makers in the history of squash? Jonathon Power has chosen to play with a custom version of our internationally renowned Vibe frame. The Power Pro Vibe is lightweight and even balanced with a bit more flexibility than our other frames so if flash, precision and control are lacking in your game you need to try Jonathon Power’s new Harrow racquet. It may not make you the greatest player in the world but it will surely elevate your game.

    • Weight 140g (Strung)
    • Balance 370mm
    • Strung with Ashaway Supernick XL at 28lbs.

    We have this racquet in stock here.

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    Jeff Warren

    Written by Jeff Warren

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