Squash - The season is starting

    Sep 10, 2011 2:59:15 PM / by Jeff Warren

    I have been playing squash all summer which is nice.  I am in good match shape at this point and am ready to get more serious about match play.

    Squash in the summer for me is about working on things.  I try to go on court with the mindset that while I want to win the match that is not necessarily the most important part of the game.  I try to come up with a part of the game I want to work on and focus on that.  It might be movement in to the front corner.  To work on this I might choose to play more boasts and drops then normal in an attempt to get counter drops out of my opponent.  This gives me a chance to work on my movement in and out of the front corners.  I might choose to work on my length game from the back court.  To do this I might let balls pass that I would otherwise volley because I want to work on getting the ball past my opponent when I am stuck in the back corner.

    When squash season starts it is time to start focusing more on things that make you successful on the court.  For me that is very simple.  I need to focus on being aggressive.  I have to be aggressive to and from 'T'.  I need to have an aggressive mindset of wanting to really beat my opponent and to play the best possible point I can on each and every point.  It also means for me that I need to focus on volleying.  I play my best when I am very quick back to the 'T' and try really hard to never give it up by taking the ball on the volley whenever it is possible.  It is a simple strategy but that is what works for me.  Hopefully the work I have done throughout the summer on the other aspects of the game will pay off when it is needed but my focus is very clear that I want to dominate the 'T' and keep my opponent off of it.

    What works for you?  It is time to figure that out as squash season is starting and it is time to start winning your matches!


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    Jeff Warren

    Written by Jeff Warren

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