Tough Week on court? Time to focus.

    Nov 26, 2011 3:37:24 PM / by Jeff Warren

    It was a tough week on the court this past week.  I seemed to have lost focus on what works well for me. Thankfully this was a week off from league but still definitely was disappointed in my play.  I am sure this has happened to all of us.  I think what is important to figure out what went wrong and work to improve.

    So what went wrong for me this week?  Focus.  I was playing squash but not with any purpose.  I went on court without any clear sense of what I was trying to work on or accomplish.  I hit shots without any clear objective.  I was not trying to get my length shots to die in the back I was just hitting them.  I wasn't going short with the intent to work my opponent hard.  I was just hitting balls.  My movement was also without focus.  I play best when I am hunting the ball and trying to volley as much as possible. I was not returning to the 'T' quick enough to be able to do that.

    I am playing today and am determined to play with focus.  The serve will be hit with variety and with an objective.  It will hit the side wall when I am aiming to.  There will be a few serves at the body to try and keep my opponent off guard.  Length shots will be hit with purpose.  They are going to get past my opponent in to the back corner and my opponent is going to have to really dig them out.  When I go short it will be with the intent to really stretch my opponent out.  They may well get the ball back but they will have to work very hard to do so.  The focus is not on winning it is on hitting the best shot I can - every time I strike the ball.  I will hunt the ball and volley as much as possible to exert pressure on my opponent.

    I will focus.

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    Jeff Warren

    Written by Jeff Warren

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