Week of Workouts with Control the 'T' Sports (Day 6 - Dynamic Stretching & Flexibility)

    May 1, 2020 4:09:12 PM / by Alex Robertson

    For day 6 of Week of Workouts, I decided to focus on an area that is often neglected by many (myself included), dynamic flexibility! Today's workout is ideal for getting your body prepared for anything, whether it's a big workout or even just the day ahead.

    It's worth mentioning that after I finished this routine, my body felt loose and relaxed, but also ready for more intense exercise, it's a great feeling!

    (The video is in real time, however, using YouTube's settings you can speed it up if you need to)

    I've read a few articles covering dynamic versus static stretching, and many of them highlight research showing that dynamic stretching boosts athletic performance, whereas static stretching can actually hinder it.

    With dynamic stretches, it's important to tailor them to yourself with regards to duration and number of reps. In other words, do them until you can really feel that you've done the exercise thoroughly.


    Workout Summary

    - Side leg swings
    - Forward leg swings
    - Forward windmills
    - Backward windmills
    - Loose arm swings
    - Hamstring toe touches
    - Open and close the gate
    - High knees
    - Lunge toe touches
    - Lunge arm extensions
    - Downward dog lunges
    - Walkout back stretches
    - Glute stretch on back
    - Glute stretch on front


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    Alex Robertson

    Written by Alex Robertson

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