Week of Workouts with Control the 'T' Sports (Day 7 - The Spartan 500 Challenge)

    May 1, 2020 4:27:08 PM / by Alex Robertson

    As today is the final episode of Week of Workouts, for day 7 we decided to take on a tough physical fitness challenge... 'The Spartan 500'. It's certainly one heck of a workout!

    The objective being to complete 100 reps of 5 different exercises in the fastest time possible. You can take as long as you need to complete the challenge, and you can adjust the order of rep numbers and even the type of exercise to suit your own physical abilities and goals.

    Go your own speed, figure out the number of reps in a row of each exercise suits you, and as long as you do 500 in total, you've defeated the challenge!

    (The video is in real time, however, using YouTube's settings you can speed it up if you need to)

    It's a pretty tough challenge to complete, and in the squash world we've seen the likes of ex World No. 1 Nick Matthew getting times near 11 minutes!

    My personal best time is 12 minutes 47 Seconds, let us know what time you get and if you managed to beat my time!

    Workout Summary (remember, you can complete these in any order)

    100 x Burpees

    100 x Star Jumps

    100 x Push Ups

    100 x Lunges

    100 x Squats


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    Alex Robertson

    Written by Alex Robertson

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