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Jeff Warren
By Jeff Warren on November 29, 2013

What Squash Racquet to Buy? Should I get an open or closed throat?

So what is better for squash an open throat teardrop racquet or a closed throat racquet with a bridge? The answer is it depends on the player! To better understand that answer we need to know what the pro's and con's of each type are.

Tecnifibre Carboflex X-Speed 125 Squash Racquet

Open Throat or Teardrop Racquet

The racquet above, the Tecnifibre Carboflex X-Speed 125 has an open throat or a teardrop style of head. The primary benefits of an open throat are a larger sweet spot and more power. The larger sweet spot is provided because of the larger distance between where the string contacts the frame. This is also why a teardrop head will generally provide more power.

The elasticity of the string, its give on contact with the ball and its snapping back in to place is how the string imparts force on the ball.  The more the string can give and then snap back the more velocity the ball will have coming off of the strings. The longer the strings the more they can give and thus the more power can be achieved.

The main drawback with an open throat is there is less control over the ball. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first is that when the strings flex and then snap back they do not do so perfectly the same every time. The more they give the more variance there will be and thus less control. A tear drop head will also generally not have as stable of frame. The lack of a bridge will allow the frame to twist a bit more on off centre hits. This is not a huge issue in normal singles squash as the ball itself doesn't have a lot of mass but in North American doubles it does have more impact.  The doubles ball is harder and heavier and off centre hits require the racquet to have more torsional strength to keep them from twisting.

Eye Rackets XLite 120 Control Squash Racquet

 Closed Throat or Bridged Racquet

The racquet above, the Eye X.Lite 120 Control Squash Racquet has a closed throat or a bridge. The shorter length of the string to where it contacts the frame of the racquet helps provide better control.

The reason for this is of course the string has less give. As it gives less when it springs back it does so with less force. This also often called the trampoline effect.  The shorter give in the string is also why a closed throat racquet provides more control.  The string has less give and therefore less variance when it snaps back.

To summarize if you are looking for a racquet that will help produce more power it would make sense to look at a racquet with an open throat. If you have no problem with producing enough power on your own and are looking for better control a closed throat would be a good choice. As with all things though there is an element of personal preference though. As you play more and more you will know best what suits your own game and what feels right in  your hand.


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Published by Jeff Warren November 29, 2013
Jeff Warren