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I recently switched to the Harrow Spark after several years using the Black Knight Magnum Corona. The primary difference between these racquets is the lightness of the Spark. The Corona is, in my opinion, a fairly standard racquet in terms of weight and balance. The head is almost completely circular while the Spark is more oblong.

There is, of course, a trade-off with a lighter racquet. The Spark is a very “maneuverable” racquet, meaning you can hit the ball with a compromised or improvised swing and don’t necessarily need a full backswing to make good contact. However, to generate power you need ample racquet head speed. It took me a few weeks to adjust to this difference; the Corona was heavier and thus more powerful. Overall I prefer the freedom afforded by the Spark. It is much easier to dig the ball out of the back corners, and to hit the ball when it’s behind you (or otherwise non-ideal positions). Having to generate racquet head speed is also a good thing for shot consistency and accuracy. I would recommend it for players who feel their current racquet is sluggish or difficult to control.

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  1. tks for the review. what is the balance of this racket like? head heavy? head light? any vibration in the frame? how’s the accuracy? is the frame stiff or flexi? it’s rare to find a review of a harrow racket, so i feel compelled to ask.

    • I just hit one today. It was really nice. Strung with ashway supernick at medium tension. Not loose or tight. The above review seems spot on. As for the balance, I can’t give an exact light vs heavy. I can say it felt really well balanced for a light racquet. I felt little to no vibration. I was able to hit with good power provided I had a good swing with proper follow through (very important for a light racquet). I have hit with the Harrow Vibe, and I like the Spark much better. I felt less vibration from the Spark than I did the Vibe and a little more power. The Spark was a little more forgiving than the Vibe in terms of bigger sweet spot. All in all, I really like the Spark.

      I am a 3.0 level player, so take my advice for what it is worth. Not Much! lol

    • I will see if Mike, the author of this review can comment on this to answer your questions. It has been a bit since I have actually hit with the Spark myself but it is quite light as Johnie commented. It is 135 grams strung. It has more of its weight towards the head. The JP models in general are more flexible than Harrow makes normally but the Spark less noticeably so than the Vibe. I will have to take my demo of the Spark out again for a hit!


    • I personally find the racquet very head light. If anything, it feels too light at times and I experimented with putting some tape at the tip of the racquet to add just a bit of weight to the head. By now I am used to the racquet at its natural weight though. There is very little vibration, especially while the factory strings are still in (which are much higher quality than most factory strings). Particularly around the sweet spot, you barely even feel the ball rebound off the strings. The accuracy is good because it is easy to control; I find the touch on short balls markedly better than my old BK racquet. It doesn’t feel particularly stiff or flexible.

    • Thanks for posting on our site. 2-weeks is a very short life for a squash racquet. Must have been frustrating. I have had my Vibe for quite a while now but overall I don’t think Harrow’s Spark or Vibe are really that durable. Certainly not my first recommendation for people that are looking for a durable racquet! Thanks again for posting.


      • Hi,
        I’m playing with the spark for 1.5 year now.

        Before that I used to play with a prince exo3 and with a technifibre carboflex 130.
        I just love the spark because of its weight. It’s an amazingly comfortable racket (comes both from the racket and ashaway supernick strings). Makes you feel like you can play any shot from anywhere on the court.

        Didn’t feel like it’s fragile but one bad shot and a bit of bad luck is enough to break any racket I think.

        I really recommend it although I also just bought a dunlop biomimetic ultimate in case I need extra hint of power in my game.

  2. Another spark just bit the dust last nite at my club. There was minimal contact between the racket and the wall. It’s really a very good racket to own but unless I have wads of cash to burn, I have little choice but to stick to my good ‘ol dunlop aerogel elite.

  3. Jeff,
    Discovered your blog a few days ago and bookmarked it right away.
    Great blog, particularly enjoy the great reviews you post.

    • Keln,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment here. The model pictured is discontinued and we do not have any of them in stock. The newer model that is black and yellow we do have stock of.


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