Product Announcement – Hi-Tec S701 Indoor Court Shoes

What do Amr Shabana, James Willstrop and David Palmer have in common?  The Hi-Tec S701 Indoor Court Shoes. We have just received our initial shipment and have sizes 7-12 and 13 in stock. Be one of the first squash players to use these great shoes and pickup a pair. The Hi-Tec S701 Indoor Court Shoes can be found at our online store.

Here are the specifications from Hi-Tec:

The Hi-Tec S701 Indoor Court Shoes

Impact Zone
4:SYS midsole
Non marking Peak Force Outsole
Light PU mesh upper
Gusseted tongue
Extra strong Abrazone toe material
TPU heel cap for extra support
4:SYS midsole:  Dynamic Motion Control for your feet

Your footwork during a rally is dynamic and constantly changing therefore your footwear needs to react to every movement. 4:SYS technology is the culmination of three years research and testing into the dynamics of movement. It delivers more support, stability and control by increasing the time from heel contact to shot. This in turn reduces the transfer of energy during your footstrike. Each 4:SYS shoe adopts five different densities in seven locations to deliver more control and stability. It does not isolate pressure zones into two areas (heel and forefoot) like other traditional shoes, as it works holistically.

Shoes absorbing materials have been inserted to control and stabilise your lunge and landing whilst Energy return materials have been placed to provide lift after the shot is played.

Hi-Tec S701 Indoor Court Shoes


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