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Alex Robertson
By Alex Robertson on December 31, 2019

A Review of the Salming Kobra 2 Indoor Court Shoes


The Salming Kobra 2 Indoor Court Shoes

Maximum Stability


Technologies in the Kobra 2

  • T.G.S. 62/75
  • LMS
  • LMS+ 8°


  • Drop: 8 mm
  • Stack: 22 mm center of heel, 14 mm ball of foot
  • Midsole: Recoil™ ERF+SoftFOAM™
  • Outsole: HexaGrip™
  • Lining: Mesh
  • Salming-Kobra-2-Dark-Blue-Blue-Indoor-Court-Shoes-800x400-1Salming-Kobra-2-White-Black-Womens-Indoor-Court-Shoes-800x400


Salming's Description of the Kobra 2:

The Salming Kobra is a fast paced unique combination of lightweight, cushioning and stability. Together with all the unique Salming technologies, Kobra is wrapped up into one agile shoe.

A new Wrap Around System Design (WAS Design)

In order to facilitate agility and stability but still maintain the lightweight characteristics, we have designed the midsole rear end with higher side walls that wrap around the heel area. In combination with the LMS Plus 8° and the new fully integrated ExoSkeleton construction, it ensures an excellent
stability and perfect fit.


Our take:

The Salming Kobra 2 are Salming’s top of line shoe in terms of both technology and price point. The Kobra provide excellent lateral support, cushioning that helps with comfort and performance, and are extremely light weight and breathable.

The Kobra 2 provide exceptional lateral support and stability. It is one of the first things I noticed when I played in a pair. They are incredibly stable shoes. Before I play I do a stretch lunge exercise. As I am lunging quite far forward I find this to be a good gauge on how much stability the shoe will provide. The Kobra provide the most stable base of any model of court shoe I have played in.

The technologies that Salming has incorporated in the Kobra to achieve such good stability and lateral support are the EXOSKELETON, LMS, LMS+ and a new Wrap Around Design (WAS) system. These technologies work together to provide optimal stability to this light weight shoe.

The WAS system is an enhancement to the EXOSKELETON and is only found in the Kobra line. The EXOSKELETON on the Kobra integrates right in to the loop for the laces that keeps the foot locked in place and provides excellent strength and stability to the Kobra.
Salming uses RECOIL and RECOIL R foam to provide cushioning to the shoes. The RECOIL foam in the forefoot area not only does a great job of absorbing shock, it also transfers energy back to the player to give some additional spring to your movement.

The Kobra might look like they are a bulky/heavy shoe but they are anything but that. They are actually the lightest model from Salming. I believe that is a pretty incredible accomplishment for Salming given just how supportive they are.

The Kobra are geared towards the player looking for the latest and greatest in technology in an indoor court shoe to really take their game to the next level. They provide incredible performance and good cushioning.

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Published by Alex Robertson December 31, 2019
Alex Robertson