The New Squash Racquets from Prince Have Arrived in Canada

They were not quick to arrive but we are sure glad they have. Prince is set to make a real resurgence in the squash market. They have completely revamped their lineup for this squash season which is the first time they have done so in years. Ramy Ashour is endorsing a new racquet. There are some very familiar technologies in this years lineup; EXO3 and Power Ring. A new technology in the Prince lineup for this season is their PowerBite technology. There are also some familiar model names such as the Rebel, Pro Tour and Airstick. There are some new model names as well such as the Pro Beast and Pro Shark models.

 Prince Pro Beast 750 Squash Racquet endorsed by Ramy Ashour

Prince Pro Beast Powerbite 750 Squash Racquet Ramy AshourRamy Ashour is endorsing a new model this year; the Prince Pro Beast 750 Squash Racquet. We have not seen him play with it on tour yet. He has been off tour injured for months unfortunately. When he comes back we will see if he is indeed playing with it. It looks to be an evolution of the Airstick 130 that all he has played with for years with 2 of grams taken off the weight, a more even balance and featuring the new PowerBite technology. I for one and am very excited to see if he will indeed end up playing with this exciting new model. The Prince Pro Beast Powerbite 750 Squash Racquet is 128 grams unstrung. It has a balance point of 35.3 cm. It head size is 480 cm2. It features Prince PowerRing and PowerBite technologies. Its light weight and fairly even balance should make this racquet  excellent on the volley and should suit an attacking style like Ramy Ashour plays.


Prince EXO3 Technology

EXO3 has been around for several years now. It is a pretty exciting technology that is designed to allow the strings to move more freely and to increase the size of the sweet spot of the racquet. It also has an additional advantage of making the racquet more aerodynamic.  Prince puts the EXO3 ports on the side and top of some of its top of the line models. These are the key areas to increasing power. Grommets restrict the movement of the string which is why the string the string move freely with the EXO3 technology. The EXO3 technology eliminates the need for grommets. The length of the string effects the size of the sweet spot in large part. In a traditional frame the string contacts the grommet on the inside of the frame. With EXO3 the string contacts the EXO skeleton structure at the outside of the racquet. This increases the length of the string which increases the size of the sweet spot. EXO3 technology increases string movement, increases the size of the sweet spot and makes the racquet more aerodynamic all of which help the racquet produce more power.


Prince PowerRing TechnologyPrince’s PowerRing technology has been around for years now. Like EXO3 it is designed to make the strings more freely. It also makes for longer more uniform string lengths which help increase power as noted and also helps the strings respond in a more uniform and consistent manner. Prince has kept the technology in their frames for so many years because it works.


Prince PowerBite Technology

The PowerBite name is completely new but what this technology provides is a more open string pattern. A very open string pattern in fact. Prince has really opened up the string pattern on the models featuring PowerBite technology. The Pro Beast 750 and the Pro Shark 650 have a 14 x 15 string pattern. An open string pattern provides greater power and increased spin or “bite” on the ball. The name PowerBite thus makes perfect sense as the technology increases both power and bite. Prince while opening up the string pattern has kept the string spacing uniform which helps produce consistent results when hitting the ball.

Prince Pro Rebel 950 Squash Racquet

Prince Pro Rebel 950 Squash Racquet

The Prince Pro Rebel Squash Racquet is as its name would suggest is the evolution of EXO3 Rebel that has been around for a few years. Most of the specification are the same. It is a 135 gram racquet, has a 16×16 string pattern. It features Prince’s EXO3 and PowerRing technology. The balance point seems to have moved a slight bit from 37.5 to 37.7 in this new model. That will make the racquet play a slight bit more head heavy. This is the racquet that Nicol David the long time #1 on the WSA tour is playing with. If you are looking for a racquet with a great deal of trampoline effect this is an excellent choice. The PowerRing and EXO3 technologies make the string bed very lively.

 Prince Pro Tour 850 Squash Racquet

Prince Pro Tour 850 Squash Racquet

From Prince’s website it looks like James Willstrop will be playing with or endorsing the new Prince Pro Tour 850 Squash Racquet. The Pro Tour features the same technologies and frame as the Rebel. Its weight and balance are different though. It is a heavier racquet than the Pro Rebel at 142 grams unstrung. Its balance is less head heavy at 36.7cm. While it is heavier than the Pro Rebel having its balance less head heavy help the maneuverability of this racquet. It has a 16×16 string pattern and a 464 cm2 head size. The Pro Tour 850 features EXO3 and PowerRing technology.

 Prince Airstick Lite 550 Squash Racquet

Prince Airstick Lite 550 Squash Racquet

Yes it is in Airstick. Yes it is 130 grams. Yes it has the same balance as the venerable Prince Airstick 130. Is it the same racquet just with different paint? I can’t say that for certain but I can say the specifications all match up. The Prince Airstick Lite 550 weighs 130 grams unstrung. It has a balance of 36cm which is a bit head heavy. Its head size is 480 cm2. It features Prince PowerRing technology. The primarily black and red paint job on this racquet looks really nice. The Prince Airstick 130 Squash Racquet is one of the best sellers all time will the Prince Airstick Lite 550 do as well. It is a great racquet at a great price so I expect it to be a very popular model!

Prince Pro Shark 650 PowerBite Squash Racquet

Prince Pro Shark 650 Squash Racquet

Another new frame in the lineup from Prince for this season is the Prince Pro Shark PowerBite 650 Squash Racquet. This racquet features lots of bite and power due to having the PowerBite technology from Prince. It is a 129 gram racquet with a balance point of 35.3 cm making it close to an even balance. It features a 480 cm2 head and has Prince’s PowerRing technology. I expect this racquet to be a hit with those who like Prince frame but have been looking for something less head heavy. The cosmetics of this racquet are really nice in the primarily black and blue finish. AT just a bit heavier and with just a bit more head heavy balance than the Pro Beast 750 the Pro Shark PowerBite 650 should be suited to those who want the PowerBite technology and are looking for just a bit more weight in the head

So that is what is new for this season from Prince. The new PowerBite technology is pretty exciting and should help get more power and spin out of the racquets that feature it. Ramy Ashour apparently switching to the Prince Pro Beast 750 is pretty exciting. As always we will need to wait to him actually playing with it to know for certain. Hopefully we will see in on a squash court soon!

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2 thoughts on “The New Squash Racquets from Prince Have Arrived in Canada

  1. Hi Jeff,
    Love your blog.
    I want to add my experience with one of the racquets in your blog and hopefully it is helpful. I bought the Prince powerbite Shark back in June and I have to say, it is the best racquet I’ve ever played with. I have always used dunlops before and the Shark was the first non-dunlop I ever own. It does not produce any sort of vibration and the feel is amazing. It is extremely maneuverable and easy to flick tight shots from the corners. The control and the drop shots are surprisingly better because of the noticeable extra spin on the ball.
    I love this racquet, but Unfortunately, it is driving me crazy. The very wide stringing pattern makes the string bed very weak. I occasionally, broke string a lot before, but it was always at the top of the racquet, near the frame, from playing shots tight to the wall. With the shark, I have to restring my racquet after 5-9 times of play. What is more interesting is that the strings break in the sweatspot not at the top near the frame. The factory strings broke and also TF 305 1.2mm, UN18, PN18, SN pro 1.25mm, TF 305+ 1.2mm(this lasted longer) and they were all strung below 26lbs. I contacted prince and they told me to use a 1.35mm string!!!!! I opted for Gamma 1.3mm synthetic gut tennis string to try, but unfortunately, this time the racquet frame broke.

    Bottom line, it is the best racquet I’ve ever played with but a durable string has to be suited for it or else you’ll spend a fortune on strings. I don’t see this as a good fit for power players, because of the string issue, although, it is a racquet that everyone should try hitting with.

    Hope this input helps!

    • Ahmed,

      Thanks for the kind words about the blog!

      Your comment is very helpful and thanks for taking the time to post. Having feedback on here from other squash players really is helpful for others. In regards to the Prince Powerbite Shark the very open string pattern definitely hurts the durability of the strings. I remember I had a Prince Graduate tennis racquet probably 20+ years ago that I loved at the time but I could only get a couple of weeks out of the string due to its really open string pattern. It is a real trade-off the extra power and cut comes at the cost of durability which costs money. Having to go a 1.30 or 1.35mm string takes some of the advantage of the open string pattern away from the racquet.

      Thanks again for the comment I am sure it will help.


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