Asics Gel-Blast 3 Indoor Court Shoe

    Jul 10, 2010 8:50:38 PM / by Jeff Warren

    I have been using the Asics Gel Blast now for a couple of years and I am so used to wearing them that when asked why they are so good I simply said they are the best shoe I have ever played squash in.  While that is true it was probably not the most thorough explanation!  There are really a few key points that make these shoes great.

    Traction - The sole on these shoes is great and really grips the floor well.  It is also quite a durable sole as well which is terrific. You don't often find both qualities in a pair of squash shoes.

    Comfort - The GEL technology is simply great.  The Blast's have GEL in the rear and front of the shoes providing great comfort at both critical points.  Squash is a tough game on your feet and the Asics Gel-Blast 3 really do protect your feet well.

    Stability - They are really built superbly and handle the constant change of direction well.  They are also a fairly low shoe which is great for squash as it gives you the sense of being connected to the court floor.

    If you are a serious squash player or a squash player that suffers from pain in the feet from playing you owe it to yourself to give these shoes a shot.

    Below is the products specifications from Asics website.


    Asics Gel Blast 3 White and Black
    This is the flagship ASICS court shoe brimming with ASICS technologies to help the wearer deal with multidirectional forces at work on court. Amongst these technologies are RhynoSkin to prevent excessive wear on the upper whilst a biomorphic fit and a personal heel fit gives great comfort.  
    Asics DuoMax


    DuoMax is an ASICS proprietary system consisting of two or more different density midsole materials, designed to help correct the degree and velocity of pronation.

    Asics IGS


    The Impact Guidance System (I.G.S.) is an ASICS design philosophy. It aims to make shoe components from rear to midfoot and forefoot to work together effectively to allow the body to perform in a natural manner. ASICS designers strive to compliment, not correct, how the legs and feet move.

    Asics Solyte


    Solyte is a proprietary cushioning material that provides an exceptionally lightweight midsole with excellent bounce-back and dura

    Asics Wet Grip Rubber

    Wet grip rubber

    Wet Grip is a specialised blend of components such as rice husk and leather powder, designed to enhance traction, even on a wet surface.

    Asics Forefoot GEL

    Forefoot GEL

    ASICS GEL is a silicone-based cushioning system designed to meet the needs of both professional and recreational athletes. Forefoot GEL reduces the loading forces as the foot moves into propulsion, improving performance and minimising the risk of injury.

    Asics Rearfoot GEL

    Rearfoot GEL

    ASICS GEL is a silicone-based cushioning system designed to meet the needs of both professional and recreational athletes. Rearfoot GEL provides cushioning in all directions, absorbs impact forces and helps to stabilise the foot during heel contact.

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    Jeff Warren

    Written by Jeff Warren

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