Squash Footwork Video by Shahier Razik

    Jun 10, 2010 9:04:11 PM / by Jeff Warren

    I found a video that really demonstrates movement to and from the 'T' in squash well. Shahier is renowned for his movement on the squash court.  His retrieval skills are amazing and that is very much to do with how well he moves to and from the ball.

    A few key points:

    • Notice he hits off of his right foot most of the time.
    • Watch the split step off of the 'T'.
    • Check out how he uses his left foot to push off after hitting his shot to get back to the 'T'.

    Take a look at the video and see what you think.

    Hitting off of the right foot on the forehand side when in the middle of the court and at the back of the court is quicker to the ball and then back to the 'T'.  Time permitting I think squaring up with the left foot to really drive the ball is good but often we don't have time to do that and Shahier's video really shows how to get to and from the ball quickly.

    The little split step he does off of the 'T' is crucial.  Basically it happens right at the moment your opponent strikes the ball and gives you the ability to move any direction.  Of course you want to know where they are hitting but squash is a game of deception and the split step prepares you to move off of either leg.

    The tip about sliding your left foot in and the pushing off of it after hitting is great. It is quicker back to the 'T' and also distributes the work you are doing with your legs.  If you stop and push back off of one leg all of the time it is a tremendous amount of work for one leg to do and will take its toll later in the match.

    Shahier has a set of great instructional videos available on his site.

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    Jeff Warren

    Written by Jeff Warren

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