Squash - Patience on the 'T'

    Jun 25, 2011 10:37:17 AM / by Jeff Warren

    One of the most difficult situations you can find yourself in when playing squash is recovering from a weak shot.  If you have hit a loose shot to the front, whether forced or unforced you are in a very compromising position.  You have given your opponent a lot of options and you have to be ready to cover any of them.

    When you watch the Pro's play it is truly amazing to see how well they cover recover from compromising positions.  Even when they have been forced to hit a high boast from the back court they can almost always cover the next shot.  When you watch the average club player in the same situation a good shot from the attacking player will most often win this point.  What is the difference?  There are many I am sure but one key difference is patience on the 'T'.

    Club players too often are caught wrong footed, on their heels or just guessing at what shot is coming.  While it is important to look for clues to what your opponent is going to hit in this situation it is more important to be patient, relaxed but prepared on the 'T' to cover whatever shot your opponent hits.  If you put to much emphasis on determining what shot your opponent is going to hit you are very susceptible to being deceived and caught going the wrong way.  Get back to the 'T', wait patiently and be ready to move to any corner.

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    Jeff Warren

    Written by Jeff Warren

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