Distance Makes The Heart Grow Stronger - The Squash World Unites!

    Squash - For the love of the game!

    An Introduction to Hardball Squash

    The 2020 Windy City Open - Emotion, controversy, and incredible squash

    2020 is Double - The perfect year to Double Up

    The Importance of Cut in Squash

    A review of the Harrow Vapor Ultralite

    Salming Technologies

    A Review of The Salming Hawk Indoor Court Shoes

    A Review of the Salming Hawk Court Indoor Court Shoes

    A Review of the Salming Kobra 2 Indoor Court Shoes

    A guide to which pair of Salming Indoor Court Shoes is right for you?

    A Review of the Salming Viper 5 Indoor Court Shoes

    The Eye S.Line Indoor Court Shoes

    Move Like a Panther - Ahad Raza

    Don't let it hit the back wall! - A guide to a great squash drill...

    Team CT Pro Cam Seth on the Importance of Flexibility...

    Responsive yet powerful - The Black Knight Hex Phenom Squash Racquet

    Lightning quick responsiveness - Black Knight HEX Blaze LT Squash Racquet

    The Asics Gel Blade 7 - Move faster, move lighter, move better!

    Never miss a volley with The Dunlop Hyperfibre+ Revelation Pro Lite Squash Racquet

    The key to precision - The Tecnifibre Suprem SB 125 Squash Racquet

    My season's secret weapon!

    The Head Graphene 360 Speed 120 - the key to pace!

    The Head Graphene 360 Speed 120 Slimbody - it's all about the speed!

    The Head Graphene 360 Speed 135 - Power, speed, pace... and power!

    The Head Graphene 360 Speed 135 Slimbody - I'm certainly a 'fan'!

    The Tecnifibre Dynergy APX 135 - All the power you need!

    The Tecnifibre Dynergy APX 130 - 'the perfect 'all-rounder!'

    The Tecnifibre Dynergy APX 120 - A squash racquet that caters to all levels!

    The latest version of an all-time favourite: the Tecnifibre Carboflex X-Speed 125 squash racquet

    Superman faces Mr Fantastic in the 2019 PSA World Championship quarter finals!

    A closer look at the Eye Rackets V-Lite 120 Control

    The Harrow Vapor - Pack a punch!

    The Harrow Spark - lightest of the light

    The Harrow Vibe - Feel every strike

    Get closer to the court - Asics Gel Blade 6

    Squash isn’t Only for the Young at Heart (and Body)

    Eye Rackets - Squash, and only squash!

    A Review of the Eye V.Lite 115 Control

    The Eye X.Lite 120 Control, what a racquet!

    Gawad takes the win at the Black Ball Open 2018

    A Review of the Tecnifibre X-Speed Carboflex 130

    A review of the ASICS Gel-Blade 6 Indoor Court Shoes

    A review of the Asics Gel-Fastball 3 Indoor Court Shoes

    Are you ready? Tournament season is here!

    A Review of the Salming Hawk Indoor Court Shoes

    Working Through the Slump!

    Off Season Squash

    The 2018 Canadian Squash Championship

    Inspiration Is A Powerful Thing

    Ramy Ashour - The Grasshopper Cup 2018 Champion!

    Tournament Play Preparation

    A review of the Salming Kobra Indoor Court Shoes

    Racquet Up Up Up!

    The S Line from Eye Rackets - Fly like Superman Paul Coll!

    Keep it simple!

    Eye Rackets Squash Gear now available at Control the 'T' Sports

    The One Thing

    My New Magic Wand

    Control the 'T' Sports is Proud to Announce Our Sponsorship of Nick Sachvie

    Which Salming Indoor Court Shoe Is Right For You?

    Help! I’m trapped in the corner and I can’t get out!

    The Benefits of a Heavier Squash Racquet

    Battling the Broken Body Blues

    The benefits of a light squash racquet

    A Review of the Harrow Vibe Jonathon Power Special Edition Squash Racquet

    The 2017 Canadian Squash Championship

    The lob and counter drop

    Time to get fit

    Paul Coll - Superman the 2016 Channel VAS Champion

    A review of the Salming Kobra Indoor Court Shoes

    Karim Abdel Gawad the 2016 PSA World Champion

    A Review of the Asics Gel-Fastball 2

    A review of the Head Graphene XT Xenon 135 Slimbody AFP Squash Racquet

    A Review of the Tecnifibre Dynergy AP 125 Squash Racquet

    EC3D Compression Garments

    A Review of the Prince Textreme Pro Warrior 600 Squash Racquet

    Review - The ASICS Gel-Fastball for Squash

    The J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions 2016

    A review of the Asics Gel Fastball Indoor Court Shoes

    Review of the Dunlop Force Evolution 130 Squash Racquet

    How to Take Full Advantage of Squash Drills

    Review of the Head Xenon TB 120 Squash Racquet

    The Canadian Squash Team at the PanAM 2015 Games

    Review of the Prince Pro Shark 650

    Squash at the 2015 Pan Am Games

    Review of the Salming Viper 2.0 Shoes

    Review of the new Black Knight Quicksilver MAX and Quicksilver LT

    Easy Drill to Improve Your Front Court Shots

    Head Heavy, Head Light, or Even Balanced: What Should I Use?

    The Rules of Squash Every Player Should Know

    Good Balance Leads to Great Shots

    Easy Drill to Improve Lengths and Volleys

    Squash: A Deception Game

    New Tecnifibre Carboflex 130 S

    Squash - Change the Pace

    Types and Importance of Defensive Shots in Squash

    The Benefits of a Head Light Squash Racquet

    Squash - Get the ball back to the front wall

    Squash - Movement to and from the ball

    The Salming Viper 2.0 are now in stock

    What makes for a good Doubles Squash Racquet?

    Ramy Ashour - Racquet Preparation and Deception

    Racquet Review - Prince Pro Beast Powerbite 750

    A Review of the Black Knight Element PSX Squash Racquet

    The New Squash Racquets from Prince Have Arrived in Canada

    Court Shoe Cushioning 101

    New Player Buyer's Guide - Racquets

    A review of the Salming Viper Squash Shoes

    What makes for a Powerful Squash Racquet?

    Head Graphene Cyano 135 Review

    Control the 'T' Sports Has a New Home

    Back to Basics and the Fundamentals

    Amr Shabana's Forehand - Preparation, Hold and Deception

    Do you want to get in shape and enjoy doing it?

    A Review of the Black Knight Razor TC Squash Racquet

    A Review of the Harrow Spark Black/Yellow Squash Racquet

    Amr Shabana and the Salming Race R1 2.0 Squash Shoes

    Samantha Cornett's Signature Black Knight Ion X-Force Squash Racquet

    What makes a squash racquet a good control racquet?

    A review of the Asics Gel-Blast 5 Squash Shoes

    What Squash Racquet to Buy? Should I get an open or closed throat?

    A Review of the Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 Squash Racquet

    Qatar Classic 2013 - Nick Matthew and the Hi-Tec Infinity Flare

    A Review of the Salming X-Factor 3 Squash Shoes

    HEAD Graphene Cyano 115 Squash Racquet Review

    Start of a New Season

    A review of the Salming Race R1 Shoes for Squash

    Squash - What's your target?

    Salming Squash Shoes now available at Control the 'T' Sports

    What's On Your Mind?

    Squash - Move your feet

    Squash - The Lunge

    South America Tour

    Daryl Selby - Black Knight Magnum Corona 6

    Squash - Early Racquet Preparation

    Ramy Ashour - The 2013 Allam British Open Champion

    James Willstrop at the 2013 Allam British Open

    Allam British Open 2013 - Can Ramy make it a perfect year?

    Dunlop Biomimetic Squash Racquets for the 2013 / 2014 Season

    Developing Juniors

    Thank you Peter Nicol and Tim Garner

    Davenport North American Open 2013 Edition - The Quarters

    Squash - High Soft Cross Court Lob

    Long Way to the Top

    Karakal Squash Gear now available at Control the 'T' Sports

    Western Canada Tour

    Ramy Ashour and the Prince Airstick 130

    Control the 'T' Sports is Proud to Announce our Sponsorship of Mike McCue

    Harrow Spark Review

    Asics Gel-Blast 4 Orange/Black/Silver

    PSA 2013 World Series Squash Finals

    Squash - Remember to enjoy playing it

    Ramy Ashour - Dunlop Blackmax Titanium Squash Racquet

    Review of the Tecnifibre Carboflex 130 Basaltex Multiaxial Squash Racquet

    Another Review of the Hi-Tec Infinity Flare Squash Shoes

    Oliver Squash Gear now available at Control the 'T' Sports

    Squash - Mental Confidence

    Early Season Training

    Review of the Hi-Tec V-Lite Infinity Flare Squash Shoes

    The Squash Season starts now!

    First Squash Tournament of the Season!

    New Squash Shoes from Hi-Tec

    Successful NSA Open

    Asics Gel-Blast 4 Green Indoor Court Shoes

    National Squash Academy Open 2012 - Mike McCue Wins His First Round Match

    Dunlop Biomimetic Max 2012 Squash Racquet Review

    Mike McCue - In the Main Draw of the National Squash Academy Open 2012

    Olympics/Back To Basics

    Dunlop Biomimetic Max 2012 Squash Racquet

    Squash - Dealing with physical limitations

    SquashSkills.com - Worth the subscription

    Summer Training

    Calm Before the Storm

    Actively Improving

    Winning in Tough Conditions

    Upsets in Squash

    Chokes and Regaining Confidence

    Tournament Preparation

    The Best of the Best

    James Willstrop - North American Open Champion and World #1

    Swing Like a Pro

    Overcoming Mental Hurdles

    Squash - The cost of a bagel

    The Fascinating Game of Squash

    How the Pros Train

    Control the 'T' Sports is pleased to introduce Mike McCue

    Jonathon Power - The master of deception

    Squash - Fluid movement back to the 'T'

    Gilly Lane forced to retire from the PSA Tour due to injury

    James Willstrop - Will he reach #1 on the PSA Tour?

    Tough Week on court? Time to focus.

    James Willstrop - The Hong Kong Open 2011 Champion

    David Palmer has joined the US based Pro Squash Tour

    David Palmer has announced his retirement from the PSA

    Gregory Gaultier - The Qatar Classic 2011 Champion

    Dunlop Biomimetic Evolution 130 Squash Racquet - The racquet of Nick Matthew

    Ramy Ashour - Is he using the Dunlop Biomimetic Max?

    Squash - The season is starting

    Squash Racquet Review - The Dunlop Biomimetic Max

    Black Knight Ion X-Force Yellow - The racquet of David Palmer

    The technologies behind the Biomimetic series of squash racquets

    Squash - Racquet Preparation

    Squash - Patience on the 'T'

    Biomimetic, Aeroskin, HM6 Carbon and Gecko-Tac Grip - Dunlop's new technology for squash racquets

    Squash Racquet Review - Black Knight Magnum Corona6 Squash Racquet

    Squash - Pace of play

    Squash - Holding your shot

    Squash - Clearing your drop or counter drop shot

    Squash Racquet Review - Black Knight ION X-FORCE Black

    New squash racquets coming from Black Knight!

    Squash Racquet Review - Harrow Jonathon Power Custom Vibe

    Harrow Sports Gear now available at Control the 'T' Sports

    Squash Racquet Review - Tecnifibre Carboflex 140

    Squash Tip - Stuck in a losing pattern? Change it!

    Nick Matthew - High 'T' Position

    Squash Racquet Review - Prince Airstick 130

    Squash - The hurry up drop shot

    Squash Practice with a purpose

    Nick Matthew - World Champion 2010

    Squash - What are your strengths?

    Ramy Ashour is playing with a Dunlop racquet but which one?

    November's Featured Squash Gear

    Product Announcement - Hi-Tec S701 Indoor Court Shoes

    Squash Racket Review - Black Knight Quicksilver NXS

    Squash Tactics - Taking your space

    Squash Racket Review - Dunlop Aerogel 4D Ultimate

    PSA Participation Policy and the PST Response

    Prince EXO3 Rebel Squash Racquet Review

    October's Featured Squash Gear

    Squash Player Profile - Shahier Razik

    Dunlop Aerogel 4D Max - Racket review

    Squash Season is here!

    Squash - Open Spaces

    Work on the National Squash Academy is progressing

    Ramy Ashour and Nick Matthew - The top squash players in the world

    Squash - Relaxation

    Squash Training - An Interview with Nick Matthew

    Squash Racquets of the Pro's

    Squash Tactics and Training

    Squash Racquet Review - Dunlop Aerogel 4D Evolution 120

    Dunlop Squash Gear now available at Control the 'T' Sports


    Asics Gel-Blast 3 Indoor Court Shoe

    National Squash Academy in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Squash Pro Shop by Control the 'T' Sports

    Squash - The off season

    Tennis - How it can help your squash game

    Paul Assaiante New National Coach for U.S. Squash

    Squash Footwork Video by Shahier Razik

    Black Knight - A great squash company

    US Pro Squash Tour - No let rule

    Prince NFS II - A Classic Squash Shoe

    Prince 03 Speedport Squash Technology

    Nick Matthew - New #1 squash player

    Squash - Proper Training

    Squash - Being mentally prepared

    Squash - Shot Selection

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