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Alex Robertson
By Alex Robertson on December 31, 2019

The Eye S.Line Indoor Court Shoes

Trusted by today's top professional players, the Eye S.Line provide superior traction and lateral support.

Team Eye:

  • Paul Coll - "Superman": Highest world ranking 6, plays with the Ice White, Electric Purple and Atomic Peach
  • Karim Abdel Gawad - "The Baby Faced Assassin": Highest world ranking 1, plays with Neon Yellow and Nightstorm Navy
  • Diego Elias - "The Peruvian Puma": Highest world ranking 10, plays in the Carbon Black pair
  • Miguel Angel Rodrigues - "The Colombian Cannonball": Highest world ranking 4, infamously wears one colour on each foot, including Lightning Blue and Neon Yellow
  • Gregoire Marche - "The Acrobat": Highest world ranking 16, wears Nightstorm Navy, Ice White, and Lightning Blue pairs
  • Declan James - "The Dark Knight": Highest world ranking 23, plays with the Lightning Blue colourway
  • Nour El Tayeb - "The Black Widow": Highest world ranking 3, wears Nightstorm Navy and Lightning Blue
  • Olivia Blatchford Clyne - Highest world ranking 12, has been seen in a Nightstorm Navy pair
  • Joey Barrington - Eye Ambassador: Highest world ranking 24, his favourite colourways are Atomic Peach, and Nightstorm Navy

About Eye Rackets

Founded by squash players, for squash players. We now see ‘Eye’ everywhere we look in the world of squash, and there is a reason for that…


I firmly believe that the one thing every squash player has in common is passion.

That passion is something that is shared throughout the entire squash community. Eye Rackets was founded by squash players, to serve squash players and Eye shares our passion.

Eye S Line Colour Choices

The S.Line indoor court shoes have kicked up a storm throughout the squash scene ...

What’s particularly interesting about the S.Line shoe is that the way they are built caters to such a range of squash players.

To sum them up briefly, they’re the perfect medium of everything you look for in a squash shoe, with amazing colour options to choose from!

Hear what Joey Barrington, Eye Ambassador had to say about the S.Line ...

Performance fit for a pro

If your serious about your squash, a high-performance pair of shoes is essential!

Lateral stability in an indoor court shoe is one of the key elements of squash due to the intense, demanding movements we squash players make. The S.Line features a torsion control system to help with this. On the lateral side of the S.Line, the torsion control system is the silver section, and it runs from the midsole of the shoe to the medial side.

This is designed to limit twisting, or rotation of the shoe from the medial to the lateral side to keep you stable on the court.

The torsion control system works very well.

Eye have used a durable gum rubber that provides excellent traction on the court. The rubber has been coloured to match the look of the shoe (but don’t worry, it’s still a non-marking sole).

How do they feel?

The S.Line are a good balance between comfort, and performance.

The soft mesh upper contributes nicely to the overall comfort of the shoe. It also helps with allowing your foot to breathe. The tongue is well cushioned and so is the heel counter, which is great as it does not feel harsh on your achilles.

The S.Line are reasonably cushioned in the forefoot area and under the heel but not excessively so. In this department Eye has chosen to favour performance over comfort.

Overall the Eye Rackets S.Line Indoor Court Shoes are a comfortable shoe, while still maintaining excellent performance, making them a great all-round shoe, and one of the reasons why they’re loved by the pros.

Eye Declan James Nightstorm Navy S Line

How do they fit?

First things first, knowing the fit and getting the right size for you is extremely important when selecting a new pair of court shoes. If they’re too big, or too small, it can lead to increased risk of injuries, blisters, and just general discomfort!

The S.Line fit slightly on the smaller side, and are slightly narrow in the forefoot area. However, they do loosen up a bit after playing in them. You will most likely fit best in the half size up from your regular shoe size. For example, I wear a size 8 normally but with the S.Line, I need an 8.5.

Built to last

It’s pretty apparent that they are built to last, and are a well-constructed shoe.

The toe shield, that Eye have added to protect against wear from foot drag from the toe through the medial side of the shoe, is very solid, and the sole of the shoe is both stitched and glued in the toe box area.

The eyelets are metal to protect against damage to the upper from tightening of the shoe.

Diego Elias S Line Cabon Black


The weight of a shoe can be a very important factor for a lot of players...

A shoe on the heavier side might feel a little comfier and reduce the risk of injury, but the extra weight could slow you down a bit on court. The mesh upper of the S.Line helps keep the weight of the shoe down.

Having a light shoe is good, but the shoe still needs to be well structured to provide the lateral support that is required. The S.Line provide excellent structure in a shoes that is a reasonable weight.

We compared the weight of the S.Line to the weight of the Salming Kobra and the ASICS GEL-Blast 7 and they are right in between the two.

Colour Choices

As mentioned above, the Eye S.Line shoes come in a wide range of colours, and it’s worth mentioning that these colours match the colour scheme of Eye’s other products, including racquets, bags, apparel, and accessories.

The colour coordination that Eye have adapted to all of their product lines is a great idea, as a lot of players, myself included, like to look good out on the court!

Joey Barrington Peach SLine

Collectors items?

The hype around the amazing colours of the S.Line has become more than just on-court shoes for some players…

To Piëdro Schweertman (ex-world number 63), the Eye S.Line shoes have become something of a collector's item. It’s actually rumored that Piëdro owns at least one pair of each colourway!

That means he has at least 8 different pairs!

Final words

Eye Rackets are a great brand to support, and they do a great amount for the sport we all love! The excellent quality gear they produce speaks for itself, and again, their presence on the professional circuit shows they’re a brand you can put your faith in.

It's not easy to find indoor court shoes with that perfect balance of performance and comfort, but the S.Line shoes have found that sweet spot ...

Get your pair today!

Eye S.Line Purple - Buy NowEye S.Line Carbon Black - Buy Now

Eye S.Line Nightstorm Navy - Buy NowEye S.Line Peach - Buy Now

Eye S.Line Yellow - Buy NowEye S.Line White - Buy Now


Published by Alex Robertson December 31, 2019
Alex Robertson