The Harrow Spark – lightest of the light

Control, power, and maneuverability. Just a few of the many things the Spark has to offer! …

Harrow Spark Black Green Manchester World Champs
Photo Credit to Steve Cubbins

How does it look?

Harrow have used a black colour scheme with punches of lime green all over the frame, giving it a nice eye-catching pop!
It also comes strung with Harrow’s zingy orange Barrage Pro multi-filament string, slightly on the softer side, this string is great for control and assists with putting some slice on the ball if that’s your style.

How does it feel?

I’ve never been one to fully appreciate a light squash racquet, but after trying out the Harrow Spark, I feel like a changed man!

With an ultralight finished weight of 135 grams, (much like it’s bestselling brother, the Vapor Ultralite), this racquet allows a great amount of maneuverability which is a massive help for getting you out of sticky situations in the front and back corners.

The Spark is also ever so slightly head-heavy, which is not too obvious at first, but after a few practice swings, you begin to feel it assist with a purposeful swing! Meaning that despite the racquet’s light weight, power is definitely an option should you need it.

How does it play?

Upon striking the ball it is immediately obvious that the Spark is a stiff racquet. The sweet spot is a little on the smaller side, this may be down to the slightly smaller head size of 470cm2, but once I found it, each strike felt silky smooth!

The Sparks 14 x 18 stringing pattern combined with the smaller head, helps to access control, but you can still deliver a heavy punch to the back if you find that sweet spot!


I would say that the Harrow Spark is primarily a performance racquet, the most notable qualities being it’s ultralight weight, and stiffness, I would recommend this racquet to anybody looking for control and mobility, but for a player who also looks to pack a punch every once in a while!

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