A Review of the Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 Squash Racquet

Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 Squash Racquet the racquet of Mohamed elshorbagy This is the racquet that rising squash star Mohamed Elshorbagy plays with. With him having won the Qatar Classic 2013 a couple of weeks ago I thought now would be a good time to post a review of it. It also gave me a good reason to pull out the demo to give it a good test hit!

Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 Squash Squash

The Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 Squash racquet is as one would expect a 125 gram racquet. It has a balance point of 350mm which is slightly head heavy. For those familiar with the Carboflex line it less head heavy than either the 130 or 140. It has a large 500cm2 teardrop head. The large head and long main strings by design give it a large sweets spot and lots of power. It comes with Tecnifibre’s 305+ 1.20mm premium string.

It is a remarkably powerful racquet for being as light as it is! Its balance and long main strings help with this. There certainly was no problem with getting the ball to the back of the court with this racquet. I found you could really generate excellent power even with a good hold and snap through the ball. That is due in large part to its overall light weight and its balance that is close to even. The balance in my opinion is pretty close to ideal for this weight of racquet. It had enough weight in the head to have the racquet come through the swing nicely but also allows one to really quickly snap the racquet through to the ball and generate good pace.

Feel on contact was also very good with this racquet. A very solid hit. A tiny bit of vibration on off centre hits but not too much.  The Tecnifibre 305+ strings play a little stiffer than the traditional green 305. The racquet I used was brand new so the strings have not started to notch yet like Tecnifibre’s strings normally do. What ends up happening with the Tecnifibre string is that it starts to fray and the strings end up with little notches where it contacts with the other strings. This really helps keep the string from moving around on the string bed and helps the string grip and cut in to the ball. I find that Tecnifibre’s string start to play better after they have been used for a bit due to this. Having such high quality strings included with this racquet is a real plus as it is with all of Tecnifibre’s racquets that we sell.

With it being a very easy to manoeuvre that has a excellent power it is actually suitable for a lot of people. It is quick enough to be good to volley with and has enough power to be suitable for a player that likes to play a more basic length game. I really enjoyed being able to generate a lot of power with a relative quick short swing and I also liked that I was  really able to attack the ball on the volley. Overall the Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 is a terrific squash racquet.

The original Carboflex 125 has been discontinued and has been replaced by the Tecnifibre Carboflex 125S. To learn more about please click on the View in store button below.

Tecnifibre Carboflex 125S Squash Racquet

38 thoughts on “A Review of the Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 Squash Racquet

  1. Dear Jeff,
    I am in the market for a new racquet and torn between the Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 and the Head Graphene Cyano 115.
    Since you have tried and reviewed both in your blog, could you pls kindly share your impressions how they compare in terms of power, feel and accuracy/control?
    I had the Head Graphene 135 previously and was impressed with the power it generated however it broke in quite a strange place which was the handle right where you grip on to it. Therefore slightly worried abt the quality of Head.
    My preferences are open throat rackets and I am more inclined to head light rather than head heavy, playing style is I like to vary soft and hard, long and short shots so not a thrasher but it’s good to have power available when you need it.
    How do they compare and how head heavy does the Head Graphene 115 feel?
    Thanks in advance for your comments.
    Best regards,

    • Jens,
      Thanks for the comment and I am happy to give you my impression of both racquets.

      First sorry to hear that the Graphene 135 snapped in the handle, that is odd. I have seen it happen before but definitely not very often. I don’t think that is indicative of Head’s overall quality of racquet I would think that is more of an anomaly.

      The Head Graphene 115 is definitely a head heavy racquet. Its balance point of 355 makes it more head heavy than the Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 which has a balance point of 350. That being said the Graphene Cyano 115 is a pretty light racquet and even though it is head heavy the racquet never really feels heavy and I would not describe it as slow either. I think that is really to do with its overall light weight. The Carboflex 125 is as mentioned less head heavy than the Graphene Cyano 115. It also does not every really feel heavy or slow. Power wise they are both powerful but neither noticeably more than the other. While I have definitely given each a good hit I have never had them on court at the same time but my overall sense is they are pretty close. The Graphene 115, or 135 for the matter have a very open string pattern (12 x 17) which while aiding in power hurts control a bit. It does help with adding some cut to the ball though. The Carboflex 125 is a more dense string pattern (14 x 18) and is a bit better control racquet than either Graphene Cyano’s. Another thing that you will notice is that you will break strings more frequently with the Cyano because of the open string pattern. I was playing with the Cyano 135 as my racquet and broke the strings right in the center sooner than I would normally break strings. Not the end of the world of course but it is something to consider. If you like Tecnifibre strings, which I definitely do getting a set included saves you some money as you don’t have to replace what comes factory with the Head racquet to get a set. The racquet that is currently in my bag is the Tecnifibre Carboflex 125. I switched from the Graphene Cyano 135 to it. I like its weight and balance more. I find it a bit quicker actually than the Cyano 135. I assume that is more to do with the overall weight rather than balance. I would say that the Cyano 135 was in mind a bit more powerful than either either the Cyano 115 or the Carboflex 125. Not a huge difference but a bit. They are all pretty powerful though.

      I hope that helps!


      • Dear Jeff,
        Many thanks for sharing your insights! As always they were very helpful. Also thanks to John for his take on racquets.
        Whereas before I was really undecided, your comments gave me more points I can now base my decision on. I’ve been using Head and Prince Aistick for many years but will give the Carboflex 125 a go based on less head heavy balance point, Technifibre strings included which saves me a restring and novelty factor for me personally.
        This is a great forum!
        Best regards,

  2. Look into the Dunlop Biomimetic Max head light matter of fact most of the Dunlops are the Max is a nice racquet with the tecnifibre 305+ or x-one really brings it alive great volleying quick manuverable good power. The Elite is nice also and if you are looking for a good all around racquet with great court control and touch the Dunlop CX. Another head light racquet is the Prince Red a little heavier overall than the Dunlop but a very powerful racquet. I had the Head Cyano 2 enjoyed it but for some reason the handle just seemed a little big and different shape than use to and it didn’t work out. Great power with the x-one in it and good touch. I demo’d a Tecnifibre Caboflex 130 not the 125 and it felt great a balanced feel good power feels nice swinging throw the ball. A surprise racquet from the many I have tried is the Prince Airstick 130 with 305 at 25 in it. Good at everything not great at one thing all things good nothing I have tried does everything good so it makes it in my mind a great racquet. Enjoy the game good luck finding your next racquet.

  3. Hi John,
    Thanks for suggesting Dunlop and the Airstick. I’m not a Dunlop enthusiast as most of their racquests are bridged throat. Regarding the Airstick, I totally agree, as I am also using it when all else fails.
    Would still like to hear from Jeff, if possible, about the direct comparison between the Head Graphene Cyano 115 and the Tecnifibre Carboflex 125. Thanks!

    Best regards,

  4. Jens, Jeff is usually good at responding and I would be interested in his thoughts as well as I have owned the Cyano 2. Have you restrung your Airstick if not I would highly recommend it. I found on the web where if you can believe it Ramy strings his with 305 at 11.3kg which is around 24.9 lbs. Try it I was really plesently surprised. Gives you better length, nicer touch and feel, more pop for front court flicks to lob and improves power greatly over the stock strings. The nice thing about Tecnifibre racquets are they come with upgraded strings Tecnifibre though might not be your Tecnifibre favorite and tension though they do tell you what they string it at not just a range. If you get to try the 125 let me know your thoughts. Thank you

    • Hey John thanks for this and your other posts! It is great to read about your experiences with different racquet and in particular with different string choices in some of them. It is not something that every gets to do and it can make a huge difference on how a racquet feels and plays.


      PS – I am sure your stringer loves you!

  5. Jeff thank you for the run down on the 125. Do you know what tension the 125 is strung at? You sound like you are very familiar with the 305 what difference do you feel it would make with the 305 verse the +in the 125? Thought I was settled in on the Airstick 130 with the 305 now after reading your comments, well might have to try a 125. Great site thank you Jeff for this service. Jens if you get a 125 please throw your thoughts to us I would enjoy hearing your thoughts. Enjoy the game!!

    • John,

      First thanks for ordering the Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 from us I really appreciate it!

      I have used both the 305 and the 305+ as well. I have used the green 305 more than the 305+ I guess primarily as it has been around longer. I first used the 305+ in the Carboflex 125. The 305+ seems to be a bit stiffer than the 305. I would not describe it as really stiff like say the Ashaway Powernick 18 but just more stiff than than the 305. It also seems to fray less than the 305. Similarly to the 305 I have found that it does not move around much in the string bed which I really like.

      I really like the feel of it in the Carboflex. As it stands right now when the strings go in the Carboflex I plan to restring with the same 305+ as I really like how the racquet plays right now.

      • Communicated with Jeff on this for a while as I have gone through numerous racquets to find just the right one. Jeff was great and always got right back with honest answers about the racquet not salesmanship answers, I truly believe he was there to help me find the correct racquet not just sell me something, refreshing. The Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 showed up through USPS nicely boxed. The racquet was in a full case inside a plastic bag. Pulled it out of the plastic bag and the full case is nice with a shoulder strap, top zipper and ventilation area where the handle/grip will benefit to help dry it out after playing. It appears to be a quality case felt lined and quite good looking. Pulled out the racquet and first thing I noticed was the size of the handle, seemed larger than the Prince and Dunlop in straight comparison and in memory I believe the Head. The shape is rectangular more so than the Dunlop which feels more square and just larger than the Prince, again just going on memory kind of like the Head but maybe more squared off. The grip is an absolute, feels great slight tacky/spongy feel very nice. The end or nub is shorter than others so not as tapered going up the racquet. It fits the hand well. The look of the raquet is great, stealthy black with carbon showing and minimal paint highlighting the racquet with name and model tastefully shown. The specs of the racquet are clearly shown stenciled in back on the yellow inside of the head. The handle tapers up to the teardrop head and is quite thin with supports running down the outsides forming the Basaltex Multiaxial. As it runs up into the head the top starting along the sides goes into a concave form along the inner side. I would think this adds to strengthen the head and lightens it. The top of the head is quite thin which I think is going to be great at those rail shots that just don’t come off the wall. The grommet is nice and thin appears to be again lightened with strategically placed indentations. The grommet looks like it will protect the head and strings well from the floor and walls. The racquet comes strung and the frame stenciled to say 305+ string. A true bonus and saves you $30+ for a restring. The tension feels good guessing 27-28 lbs. The feel and balance of the racquet is light great feel, great balance and swing feel the head goes threw nicely. On the court again swing feels great and I was able to get ball timing down after just a few hits. Sweet spot seems large and nice feel no unpleasant vibration. On off center hits outside of the sweetspot you can tell you didn’t hit it in the sweetspot but nothing really bad and it seems to have a large sweetspot because I didn’t notice hitting it out of the sweetspot often. The first thing I noticed is the power, incredible, between the strings and teardrop head this racquet has more power than the Prince Pro Tour, Prince 130, Head Cyano 2, Dunlop Elite, Max and CX. The only racquet that might be more powerful that I have had is the Prince Warrior with natural gut in it. The problem with the warrior is that is all it has. The Carboflex is great for length, nice touch and feel of the ball off the strings and the large head and large sweetspot is noticeable for great court coverage. The balance and weight are right on for lobs and back corner digs. The weight or lack of weight is noticeable and pleasant during long rallies and volleying. The racquet is quick and easy to maneuver to the ball. This makes it great in the front court easy to the ball and with a flick easy to enduce spin. The handle/grip is nice the right amount of grip good size for my hand and noticed I don’t have to grip it as tightly so it doesn’t spin on off center hits and touch shots which gives me better feel of the ball. I was able to get in 4 matches and my confidence grow with each one. The racquet feels great, repeatable, accurate great feel and touch and has a tremendous amount of effortless power. Best racquet I have used to date. Thank you Control the T Sports and Jeff for helping me out. Enjoy the Game!

  6. I just picked up the 125, haven’t hit it yet. I usually play the Dunlop GTX 130, I have an old 4d and the biomimetic. I like the old 4d better than the new biomimetic for some reason. Also have played the Karakal SN90, which is too light for my game, although its incredible for digging out of the corners. Its so fast and nimble, But I find I need more power. I seem to like head light rackets so this racket is a bit of a departure. The head light stuff seems to be easier control for front court stuff and quick volleys in my mind. Interested to see how the 125 affects my game.

  7. Timmy great to hear please let us know what you think about the 125. I also picked one up from Jeff today! It’s in the mail. Can’t wait to hit it. I also played the SN90 and yes very light and interesting. If you hit it just right great racquet but not very forgiving very small sweet spot and to get length you have to really stroke it. I was settling in on the head light Dunlop Biomimetic Max with 305+ in it when I saw a review of the Airstick 130 with 305 in it and figured I would give it a try, really like it. Better length, good touch not as powerful as the Max but better lobs a little heavier head to help pop it up, so thought I would stop trying racquets and work on my game and buy another one to have two. Then read Jeff’s thoughts on the 125 and well what the heck bought one from Jeff today. I have tried about a dozen racquets and think this will be it, either the 125 or stick with the Airstick. Enjoy the game!!

    • Played with the 125 yesterday, with my regular squash buddy who knows my game really well. Loved the racket and the 305+ strings. The racket has great pop! I controlled the rallies with ease as he was not used to the power and more consistent length I was hitting with. Very precise racket,

      The head heavy feel compared to the GTX 130- is not noticeable at all in rallies, in that it does not feel slower, (that was my concern) I find for instance the gtx-140 too heavy and slow for my swing, and I was concerned the head heavy feel would slow me down. Did not feel slower but it did hit harder so that is definitely a win.

      The only thing was my drop shots were not as soft, as that’s where I find the gtx 130 shines with 305 strings. The extra power is definitely a bigger advantage in my mind as I can dial in the drop shots later. I would say the Carboflex 125 will be my go to racquet in my upcoming league games.

      I have never hit the Airstick or the Max… So I can’t compare them unfortunately. Interested to see how you like it!

      • Timmy,

        Thanks for taking the time to comment on the Carboflex 125 and how it compares to the 2 Dunlop’s.

        One quick comment on the drops from a technical perspective. I think you are probably right that it is easier to get the ball in very softly with the GTX 130 and thus keep the ball in shorter. Playing short though is all about the time the opponent has to get to the ball. A soft drop takes longer to get to the front wall and if your opponent recognizes the shot quickly he has that time as well the time after contact with the front wall to get to the ball. If the drop shot comes in a bit quicker even though it will come back a bit farther in to the court the relative time for the opponent to get to the ball may still be the same.

        Thanks again for taking the time to comment!

        All the best,


      • Timmy try the 305 instead of the 305+ in the 125 you will get back the touch you lost and still have plenty of power. I have two with the factory string and the third I strung up with 305 1.10 to compare. The control and accuracy of the racquet improved only sacrificing power minimally. I strung it at 26 lbs. I really liked the racquet with the factory string best racquet to date and now with the 305 it just bumped it up a notch. Enjoy the game!!

        • Man oh man! I should have tried stringing with the 305!

          I played and played with the carboflex and just found my drops suffered too much… Lost my front court confidence with this racquet and went back to the old Aerogel GTX-130.

          Gave the racquet to a buddy. 🙂 I’m kind of kicking myself for not re stringing with 305. The reality is that 305 is just the best, shortest lasting string out there! :p

          As for the comparison, in shape and size and grip. I was super impressed with the quality of build and the relatively slim frame width, which I am a little fussy about. I like a smaller frame width for digging drops and maneuvering in the back corner, although it is not the skinniest width, the carboflex did not feel clumsy at all… Very fast racquet.

          A very small minus, now I’m just nit picking, is that I do like a flatter frame profile as well, maybe square is the right description. A flatter front edge, if that makes sense? As I find when balls are pasted to the wall and you literally have to hit the ball with the frame, (this seems to happen in all the rallies, when I’m in a tiebreak, haha) you get more consistency, in opposed to a rounder frame profile. The carboflex is a round frame and therefore not as appealing.

          Sadly I’m stuck using my old aerogel gtx-130…. (Despite owning two of the newer gtx-130 classics) I did just get the gts-130 in the mail last night, but it too has more of an even balance, than the more head light feel of the aerogel gtx-130)

  8. Timmy thank you for the update great to hear you loved it and have a new go to stick. Sounds like the swing weight is just right and the light weight was not a problem but actually was a plus. How would you describe the grip compared to your Dunlop GTX 130 as far as size and shape? Thoughts on the + string verse the 305? I have found it a little more dead or isolating feel on the touch side of the game. It doesn’t notch and fray as quickly as the 305 and I feel the 305 you can get more spin with it. Does the racquet look as nice in person as in the pictures or better? Thank you again for posting your thoughts I really appreciate it. Enjoy the game!!

  9. Dear John, Jeff and Timmy,
    Since you guys are such a great and knowledgeable bunch, a different question on the side: what are your thoughts and/or experiences with dampeners?
    I mean the ones that you stick between the strings which are supposed to reduce vibrations. I had one in the past where it felt amazingly good and as if the ball stays on trajectory straight as on the autobahn. But since then I’ve had bad luck with them as most are made for tennis racquets, don’t fit squash racquets or drop out during play.
    Any comments all appreciated.
    Merry Christmas,

    • Jens,

      I only really used on in the Dunlop’s that came with them. They can help with the vibration of course if the racquet is susceptible to that. I found they fell out though like you and I did not find that I really needed them so I never have really played with them much. An elastic can actually help with that if you want something that won’t fall out. You weave it between the inner 2 strings and then tie a knot in it so it wont come out. It will help with vibration. I have seen this used more in tennis than squash but it will accomplish the same in either a squash or tennis racquet.

      As for keeping the ball going straighter I would think that is most likely due to the center strings not shifting around as much. I find the Tecnifibre string rarely moves much at all so that does not prove to be an issue for me.


  10. Jens I as Jeff have only used the Dunlop provided dampeners in the Elite, Max and CX. I usually restring almost the day I get a new racquet. I have found that the right string gives me everything I am looking for, better feel(less vibration) better playability, control….. think most manufactures string at the highest tension so if it sits around it doesn’t go too loose? So new I find them strung to high to use which with the stock strings to tight and lower quality equals vibration and a poor experience. Tecnifibre and Black Knight put quality strings in yet to experience first hand go with what I have heard go with a neutral tension not to high not to low so out of the box probably a better experience with better play. Smart I would say cause I have found if the racquet feels good to you balance wise and swing the next most important thing is string. Sorry got off track back to the dampeners, I have found they do a lot for substandard string and incorrect tensioned racquets but if you have a quality racquet with quality string at the correct tension you should never need them. A point on correct tension again just my experience anything over 26-27 lbs you either have to be a pro or swing like one to benefit from anything higher to get everything from the string, feel(lack of vibration)power, spin, control(repeatability) hitting it straight and as far as the touch game tighter is better? I feel the right string at a lower tension gives a great balance of everything. It really all comes down to what feels good and what one gets use to which equals confidence which equals a good game/time. Unforunately it takes a little time and experimenting but make it fun go to the extremes and end somewhere in the middle, you will truely be rewarded. Enjoy the Game!!!!

    • I’ve never thought a dampener would matter at all. I’ll experiment!

      I agree John, with the 26 lb tension. It is the sweet spot. Used to get 29 and found after a while when the strings loosened, I liked it a lot better.

      Question for John and Jeff, how do you find the elite, max and cx compare to say the gtx and evo? Haven’t hit those racquets, but am curious.

  11. The elite is a stiff racquet good balance a nd a great control racquet. With the 305+ in it a much better racquet than stock. The max is a nice racquet head light more flex so if you aren’t a powerful hitter with a nice grooved swing might not be for you.If you are aggressive cut volleys and move around the court well you will like it. I tried powernick 19 the 305 and 305 + and really liked the + in it. Very quick racquet to cut off volleys very manuverable. The GTX is purely a control racquet great court control down on power putting the right strings in would help that some, the EVO is a good all around racquet Nick likes it but the best touch power and court control racquet is the CX. My son in law plays it and has for some time feels there is nothing better for control power and touch with 305 in it. More for the player that plays deeper and plays all 4 corners all the time patience. It is a medium flex racquet I would say. Reading your earlier post liking head light the max would be your stick with 1.10 305+ in it. Really lightens up the head more and makes it very maneuverable. I am liking balanced to slightly head heavy sticks lately with a SX100 Karakal strung with 1.10 305+ next I have some x-one ready to try once the 305 goes dead should be interesting. With the lighter racquets timing and stroke is everything. Enjoy the Game!!

  12. Mostafa Mamoon says:

    I was comparing between TecniFibre Carboflex 125 and Prince pro beast powerboat 750 (128gr)
    I’m using technifibre supreme NG130 right now and I’m looking for better game and experience, please advise.


    • Mostafa,

      Both the Pro Beast 750 and the Carboflex 125 will give you more power. The Carboflex 125 I believe has a bit larger sweet spot and is probably the easiest of the racquets to play with. the Supreme NG130 has a smaller head and a smaller sweet spot so it is probably the hardest of the racquets to play with. It is a good racquet but the smaller sweet spot and smaller head size make it a harder to play with. The Caboflex or the Pro Beast will be easier to play with. The Pro Beast with its more open string pattern will give you more cut (spin) on the ball. I hope that helps!

      All the best,


  13. Hi, I am also looking for a racquet and found many reviews about the Carboflex 125. I am just a beginner (playing once a week for 6 months), comming from tennis. Right now I am playing an old Wilson Equalizer, which I got for free. I was testing the racquet and was impressed by the power. I almost bought it, but then I tested the Tecnifibre white racquet, which was very esay to play. It feels like it has a large sweet spot and is very forgiveness. Now I am confused, which one to buy…..maybe the carboflex 125 is to much a performance racquet for me? Or will it help me to improve?

    • Marco,

      I like both the Carboflex 125 and the Carboflex 130 which is the white one. They both have large heads and large sweet spots due to that. Both generate good power. The difference is of course the 5 grams of weight you would get from the names of the racquet but also the balance. The Carboflex 130 is a tad bit more heavy than the 125. I find that helps with the racquet coming through the ball more naturally. The 125 on the other hand is quicker to play with as it is lighter and its balance being more even. That makes it great for volleying and really generating a lot of head racquet speed. A great attacking racquet. The 130 is probably a bit easier to hit nice straight drives with. I hope that helps. If you any questions please do ask we are here to help.


  14. Thanks for your answer!!!
    I didn’t play the Carboflex 130, I played the Tecnifibre “White Squash Racket” (that’s the name of the racquet). I looks like it’s more of a beginner racquet. I couldn’t find any review about it.


  15. I am thinking of getting either carboflex 125 or prince pro rebel 950. I am sure all the rackets are dependent on the players but I am just wondering if you could provide general feel or general consensus on those two rackets? Thank you in advance.


    • While the shape is similar on both racquets they play pretty differently. The Carboflex is lighter at 125 vs 135 grams. The balance of the Rebel is fairly head heavy so it plays even heavier than it is. The Rebel has a really bouncy feel on contact with the ball and does generate a good amount of pace with a slower overall swing speed being required to generate that pace. I think that is good from a pure accuracy standpoint. The Carboflex 125 is quite light and quick to play with due to its light weight and balance. You can generate a lot of racquet head speed easily and it is a powerful racquet. So as you noted it does kind of depend on the player a bit. If you like to play very aggressively and volley a lot the Carboflex will be easier to do that with due to its weight and balance. The Rebel is great for someone looking to for a bit heavier racquet to be able generate more pace on the drive without having to generate so much racquet head speed to do it. I hope that helps.


      • Thank you so much for the quick response, Jeff. The previous racket I had was Dunlop Muscle Weave C-Max Jonathan Power Squash Racquet which I really enjoyed. Can you recommend any rackets (may be 2) in the market which will provide similar features with my previous racket? Once again, Thank you.


        • Happy to reply of course. If you were looking for something similar to what you had previously you might look at the Dunlop Elite or Ultimate. Dunlop have a pretty soft feel to them and it is pretty unique to Dunlop. The Elite is a bit more powerful than the Ultimate as it has a more open string pattern which will help produce spin and power. The Ultimate has a denser string pattern which helps with control. Both have large 500cm2 heads with a bridge and which is similar to what you have. They also have a “Dunlop feel” to them. The Carboflex as an example would play lighter and faster than either of the Dunlop’s mentioned. It would have a slightly stiffer feel on contact too.

          • Thank you, Jeff. I just received carboflex 125. Everything looks great. can’t wait to play. Really appreciate your help.

  16. Hi,

    I’m in the market for a new racket and have narrowed down to 3.

    Prince Pro Beast Powerbite 750
    Tecnifibre 125s
    Prince Airstick 130

    I would restring the Prince rackets with 305 or 305+.

    From what I’ve read I think I’m leaning towards the 125s but can’t quite commit!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated even to remove 1 from my shortlist.



  17. Ben how did it go? What did you settle on? I have gone back to the Prince racquet Pro Beast 750. Thought about the 125s. I have been playing the 750 and liking the 305 at lower tensions then I have used in the past. I really liked the Gamma elite tour but it just never settled in for me and probably doesn’t matter but bothers me if it is not in place….the other string in one of the three racquets is natural gut at 26 17g the stuff from India works well and not as stiff as the stuff in the US. Believe it or not the gauge seems to make it slightly head heavy or balanced. With the 305 1.10 in it it seems really balanced. With thicker gauge it gives it a slight head heavy…heard Ramy has a new racquet now the Warrior heard more balance towards his old Airstick closer string pattern than the 750 more crosses and mains. I think Willstrop is still using the 750 and strings at 29. I tried it at 29 and it feels to stiff for me. Now Gaultier is on the other end 16 lbs I heard…the nice thing about using the 305 it seems to stay in place at lower tensions. Enjoy the game!!!

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