Amr Shabana and the Salming Race R1 2.0 Squash Shoes

I learned just before the Tournament of Champions that Salming had signed Amr Shabana. My contact was not sure if he would be playing with them at the tournament as he had just signed and indeed he did not. He did however play with the Salming Race R1 2.0 at the Case Swedish Open 2014 in his first round match.

Amr Shabana hoisting the trophy after winning the 2014 Tournament of Champions

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The signing of Shabana is a great move for Salming and is by far their highest profile signing to date in squash. Anyone that watched the Tournament of Champions will know that Shabana has really found his game again taking down Nick Matthew, James Willstrop and finally Greg Gaultier on his way to winning the tournament. Amr’s movement was absolutely incredible all tournament. He moves so smoothly to and from the ball and pounces on it so quickly he was able to get on the ball early consistently and really exert pressure on his opponents. Having someone that plays like that wearing your shoes is a brilliant move by Salming.

Salming Race R1 2.0

The Salming Race R1 2.0 are a terrific pair of shoes. We have had them in stock now for just under a month. They are light, super comfortable and really perform well on the squash court. They require little to no break in time. The ErgoHeelCup™, Cushioning Foam in the heel, and forefoot Rebound Foam are what make them so comfortable. They perform great offering excellent lateral support due to the LMS™ system and traction from the XR110 rubber sole.

Amr Shabana wearing the Salming Race R1 2.0 Safety Yellow

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Salming have been really making a name for themselves in squash. They have done so by signing several PSA players, the latest and highest profile being Amr Shabana and by producing terrific shoes for squash. If you are looking for a pair of the Salming Race R1 2.0 that Amr is playing in we have the Safety Yellow version in stock. Click on the View in Store link below.

2 thoughts on “Amr Shabana and the Salming Race R1 2.0 Squash Shoes

  1. Guimier Thierry says:

    I have just 2 questions :
    – I put on 41.5 in Asics, what size should I take in Salming?
    – Size Salming shoes are they the same as Asics shoes ?
    Many thanks in advance
    Best regards

    • Thierry,

      Thank you very much for taking the time to post on our blog. Size 41.5 is a US size 8. The Salming Race R1 US size 8 is a 41 1/3 European size. I would think that is most likely going to be the correct size. The fit between different models even of Asics can be a bit different so it is tough to narrow this down exactly. If you came to my store and said you wearing a size 8 (US) squash shoe and wanted to try on a pair of Salming’s I would grab a size 8 (US) though as that would be my expectation of what would fit. I can say that I wear the same size in both the Asics Gel-Blast 5 and the Salming Race R1.


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