David Palmer has announced his retirement from the PSA

David Palmer has been a fixture on the PSA tour for years and managed to maintain a top 10 ranking for over 10 straight years.  He bridged generations of squash. He entered the top 10 near the end of Jansher Khan’s career when Peter Nicol and Jonathon Power were the dominant players on tour. When he announced his retirement Nick Matthew and Ramy Ashour are now the dominant forces on tour. He finished his career ranked 10th in the world.  He achieved nearly every major milestone in his lengthy career.  He reached #1 in the world on 2 occasions, he won 2 World Opens and 4 British Opens.

The strength of his game in my opinion was commitment.  He committed himself to being the best he could be in every aspect of the game.  His physical training was second to none on the tour.  He has a huge physical presence on court due to his size and strength.  His endurance was equally impressive.  His belief in himself was also an amazing attribute.  He managed to win both of his World Open titles after having faced match points against. Even his swing showed commitment.  The conviction he had when he hit the ball was impressive. He was set, hit through the ball and was very still and balanced while striking the ball.

Congratulations to David Palmer on a very impressive career and all the best in your future endeavours.

Below is a video interview with David Palmer after his last match.


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