First Squash Tournament of the Season!

I confess I do not really play that many tournaments anymore due to time constraints.  I am however playing in one tomorrow and am really looking forward to it.  I am playing in it as it is fundraising event for the University of Waterloo varsity team and I am friends with some of the team.  I am also donating a prize to the tournament for them as well.

The tournament will be filled with mostly varsity players from Universities that are in the area as well as some local players.  Being a “Masters” age player now playing against a bunch of University aged “kids” should be fun.  Thankfully I still enjoy a nice hard paced game that really taxes you physically so I am looking forward to the challenge.

There are some really good squash players playing in this event so while I am looking forward to playing in the tournament I am also really looking forward to watching some great squash.  Canada’s top junior player is in the tournament and I expect he is the #1 seed.  There are some players in the field though that will provide him a good test.

I expect tomorrow to be a fun day.  A day filled with playing squash and getting to watch some highly entertaining squash matches.  I am definitely looking forward to it!


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