James Willstrop at the 2013 Allam British Open

James Willstop Cameron Pilley and the Prince EXO Pro Tour Squash Racquet

Photo Credit to www.squashsite365.com/site/?p=17583

I was interested to see that James Willstrop looks to be playing with the Prince EXO3 Pro Tour Squash Racquet at this years’ British Open.  James is a Prince sponsored player of course so playing with Prince makes sense but he has been switching back and forth between racquets.  I have seen him playing with the Prince EXO3 Rebel, an old Prince Speedport and now the Prince EXO3 Pro Tour recently.  The Pro Tour is a little heavier than the Rebel but is slightly head light where the Rebel is head heavy.

Regarding the tournament itself I have been really enjoying watching the 2013 Allam British Open Squash Championship on www.psasquashtv.com.  Unfortunately was not able to watch live yesterday, nor was anyone else due to the unfortunate weather problems that forced the change of venue.  I just finished watching James Willstrop’s match with Cameron Pilley and what a match it was.  This was a highly competitive match with Cameron racing out to a 2-0 start in games.  Cameron has been playing great squash this tournament and was really putting the pressure on James.

The third game was really crucial obviously.  James had to win it and it looks like Cameron had to win it too as it turns out.  While Cameron never got a match ball he did take it to extra points and was only a couple of points away from what would have been I am sure his best professional result of his career.  There were a lot of decisions to be made in this game for the referee and a fair amount of comments from the players.  Not that unexpected given how close the match was and how important this game was.

James did eventually manage to take the third game 14-12 and was able to win the match making a tremendous comeback that really showed how hard he was willing to work and how competitive he truly is.  James is my sentimental favourite in this tournament so I was happy to see him come through this match.  Having had the hardest quarter final match though he is going to be in very tough against a very fresh Ramy Ashour. Good luck James Willstrop in the semi’s against Ramy Ashour. I am sure it will be a great match played in good spirit.

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