Ramy Ashour and the Prince Airstick 130

Ramy Ashour using the Prince Airstick 130 Squash Racquet
Picture courtesy of Worldsquash.org

Since the start of the 2013 Tournament of Champions there has been a great deal of conversation about Ramy Ashour and the racquet he is playing with.  We have definitely seen a spike in visits to our site about him and the racquet he is playing with.  So what is he playing with?  As the title of this post would indicate he is playing with his old favourite as pictured here, the Prince Airstick 130. The picture above is old but was a good shot of him with the Airstick 130. From what I have read he is no longer sponsored by Dunlop and is therefore free to play with what ever racquet he chooses.  His old favourite the Prince Airstick 130 is what he has gone back to.  It is a great racquet.  We have a review of it here , if you are looking to purchase one of these great racquets and are in Canada or the USA please click on Add to Cart button below.

The first reference I found of Ramy switching back to the Prince Airstick 130 was from Twitter here.

3 thoughts on “Ramy Ashour and the Prince Airstick 130

    • Mike,

      I have started doing that I yanked the image down from the eCommerce site that had Ramy with the the Dunlop. Have to rework the graphic on the Blog though. I also need to get the picture with Amr and the Ultimate off of here as well. It is good that Ramy is back with Prince. It really is a natural fit and the #1 ranked player in the world really should be sponsored.

      Thanks for the post!


    • Okay I have updated the banner on my blog. Got Ramy and Prince in there as well as a Back the Bid picture which seems appropriate right now. I hope you like it!


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