A Review of the Asics Gel-Fastball 2

    Oct 30, 2016 11:58:52 AM / by Jeff Warren

    The original Fastball were a well-received shoe for us. They were an excellent alternative to the Blast 6 for those that were looking for a lighter, lower profile shoe. They are indeed quite light and keep the player very close to the court. The Fastball 2 pick up right where the original Fastball left off. They are light, comfortable, low to the court and offer excellent lateral stability. Mike McCue, one of our sponsored athletes recently switched from the original Fastball to the new Fastball 2 and he was kind enough to provide feedback on them. Mike has played in Asics Blast 4, Blast 5, Blast 6, Blade 4 and the original Fastball so he is able to compare them to many of Asics most commonly used models for squash.

    Here is Mike’s report on the Asics GEL Fastball 2:

    “The Fastball 2 is the latest incarnation of the Asics model that bridges the gap between the ultra-light Blade and bulkier new Blast models. Having recently worn the Blade and Fastball 1's, there was no major shock transitioning to the Fastball 2. There is more support in the metatarsal area, which had been a bit thin in the past and could lead to some foot pain. The mold also easily accommodated my slightly wide foot, which has sometimes been a problem as well. Despite this reinforced support, the shoe is still incredibly light and barely noticeable when moving around court, which is always a good sign. The break-in phase was minimal and there were no problems with slippery soles. The Fastball 2 is an obvious choice for anyone who has previously enjoyed Asics footwear, and a new option for those seeking more durability out of a high performance shoe.”

    Asics Gel-Fastball 2 Indoor Court Shoes

    I find Mike’s analysis to be pretty spot on. The Fastball 2 are a high performance shoe. Lateral support is excellent and they are light so they will help you get around the court quickly. They do feature Asics’s GEL cushioning system in both the forefoot and heel. There are some real differences between the Fastball and the Blast and the Blade.

    In comparison to the new model of the Blast, the Blast 7 the Fastball’s are definitely lighter. Both grip the court really well and lateral support is good in both. The Fastball are lower to the court so I do think lateral support is a little better in the Fastball 2 but it is good in both overall. While both the Blast and the Fastball 2 feature GEL in both the forefoot and heel area the Blast has more of it. They cushion the foot better. The trade off to the extra cushioning is the weight of the shoe and the extra height of the shoe.

    In comparison to the Blade, The Fastball’s are heavier than the Blade. The Blade are designed for lightning quick movement around the court. They are a pure performance shoe. There is no GEL in the forefoot area of the Blade. The Fastball 2 have GEL in the forefoot and rearfoot. I find that lateral support is better in the Fastball as the sole of the shoe is wider through the forefoot area proving a more stable platform.

    The Fastball 2 are an excellent mid-way point between the Blast and the Blade. While they do not provide the same cushioning and durability of the Blast they are better than the Blade in both departments. They are not as light or as low profile as the Blade they are relatively light, offer improved lateral support and improved comfort due to the addition of the forefoot GEL. For the player that is looking for a high performance, light indoor court shoe but doesn’t want to completely sacrifice cushioning the Asics GEL-Fastball 2 are an excellent choice.

    To learn more about the Fastball 2, or to order a pair click on the View in store button below!

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    Jeff Warren

    Written by Jeff Warren

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