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Jeff Warren
By Jeff Warren on October 09, 2018

A review of the Asics Gel-Fastball 3 Indoor Court Shoes

Are you looking for a light, high performance pair of indoor court shoes? If so, take a serious look at the Asics Gel-Fastball 3 ...

The Fastball 3 are a very light, low to the court, high performance indoor court shoe. They are designed for the player that values performance most and wants their shoes to allow their feet to work very naturally ...

One of our TeamCT players, Cameron Seth has just recently switched to using the Fastball 3 and we asked him to give us his feedback of the shoe.

Here is Cameron's review:

"I've been using the Fastball 3 Asics shoe for a month now and I can safely say this is one of the best shoes I have ever used. I've tried a lot of different shoes in the last few years. Most recently I've been using the Fastball 1, but before that I have tried Salming Viper, Hi-tec Infinity Flare, Prince NFS and Black Knight.

The Fastball 3 is a change from the Fastball 1 and 2, but it is a change for the better in my opinion. The first thing I noticed when I put them on was that they have a very wide base of support in the forefoot. I felt very stable and as if I could really feel the ground. All the Fastball shoes are low to the ground (compared to the Asics Gel Blast for example) but in the Fastball 3 I felt even more connected to the ground than the Fastball 1 and 2. I also found that the material of the shoe is softer and more comfortable than the previous versions. As with any Asics shoe they are durable, well made and look great. I have the black and orange style, they have some colour but they aren't too flashy.

The only thing I think might have been a bit better on the previous version of the Fastball is that on the lateral side of the shoe they've made a small dip in the rubber that wraps along the outside of the shoe. Not sure if this was an aesthetic choice by Asics, but I've found for me that when pushing off laterally the old Fastball grips the floor a little better.

Overall the Fastball 3 is a great shoe and I'd highly recommend it."

As Cameron noted the Fastball 3 do keep you very close to the court. While they do have Asics' Gel in both the heel and forefoot area in the forefoot there is not much of it. That is by design. By keeping you so low to the court they really do provide excellent performance. They allow your feet to work very naturally...

As you add more cushioning, and thus lift into a court shoe the shoe needs to do more of the work for you to provide the necessary lateral support. While the Fastball's wide base at the forefoot area helps the shoe provide excellent lateral support, its low to the court design really allows the foot to work naturally to protect against outward roll.

The upper of the Fastball 3 is incredibly soft, light and comfortable ...

The design makes them very comfortable to wear and play in of course but it also more importantly contributes to the design of the shoe. As a soft, light, and low to the court shoe the design of the Fastball 3 is more minimalist in design.

If you want to get the highest performance out of your squash game, you need a purpose-built indoor court shoe. The Asics Gel-Fastball 3 is exactly that type of shoe ...


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Whilst we have limited stock left of the Fastball 3, if you're still looking for an excellent performance shoe that's light and low to the court, you might want to check out Asics' Gel Blade range.

Take a look at our review of the Get Blade 7 for more information:




Published by Jeff Warren October 9, 2018
Jeff Warren