Another Review of the Hi-Tec Infinity Flare Squash Shoes

    Nov 10, 2012 9:41:04 AM / by Jeff Warren

    I am lucky enough to know the Canadian #1 under 19 player Cameron Seth.  Cameron is off to University but is from my hometown and grew up playing out of my home club. Cam just recently switched to using the Hi-Tec Infinity Flare Squash shoes.  I asked if he would be kind enough to provide his opinion on them after he had a chance to use them for a while.  Knowing Cam and the work he does on the court and the level he plays at his opinion of them is pretty valuable. Here is what he wrote:

    "I've been playing with Infinity Flare shoes for about a month now, I have liked them so far. They are very comfortable and very light. I wasn't sure how supportive they would be at first as there is a lot of mesh material all over the shoe. But this wasn't a problem at all, and it allowed the shoe to breath! They shoes also have this asymmetric lacing, so there is more material on the one side of the shoe. This seemed to hold my foot a little better, however I found it a little uncomfortable for my big toe because the lacing comes in right on top of the big toe. I think this is just because I have wide feet.

    The best part of these shoes is the cushioning. They have more cushioning on the heel than most other shoes I have played with and it makes a big difference when you are constantly lunging into the front corner to retrieve balls. Overall a great shoe."

    The keys point of the review to me are the light weight, the asymmetric lacing holding the foot in place well and the cushioning in the heel.

    Cam is right there is a lot of mesh material in the shoe which helps keep them so light.  Hi-Tec has managed to do this without sacrificing the performance of the shoe.  They are very supportive and hold up well to the dynamic movement of a squash player.

    I have found the same thing as Cam has about the lacing system helping to keep your foot in place.  Your feet do not seem to move around at all in the shoe which is great.

    The cushioning in the heel is important too.  Hi-Tec developed these shoes with the squash player in mind.  Part of that was studying the angle of the foot when we move in to the front court and plant heel first.  The Infinity Flare's are designed to take the impact, cushion it while holding your foot and allow the foot to plant and hold in place.  Hi-Tec has done a tremendous job with this.

    I would like to thank Cameron Seth for taking the time to provide his opinion on the shoes and I hope it proves valuable to those who read this review.


    Please note this model of the Infinity Flare is discontinued.  We do have the latest, improved model in stock. If you are interested in a pair click on the "View in store" link below.


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    Jeff Warren

    Written by Jeff Warren

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